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 About the Brotherhood

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PostSubject: About the Brotherhood   About the Brotherhood I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 05, 2012 4:39 am

About The Brotherhood of Mutants

Many of the group's members have been shown to be past victims of anti-mutant prejudice, which has made the group a haven for many mutants who feel they are outcasts and pariahs. While many of these outcast mutants have willingly embraced the violent aspects of the Brotherhood's ideology, several have ultimately rejected it and left the group because of it; leaving the group due to their disdain for Magneto's various schemes for world domination to join the Avengers.

Quote :
The Brotherhood's Compound: The place where the Brotherhood of Mutants lives, trains, and spends their time. There is a fores/marsh, rooms for them to sleep, training facilities, cells... the Compound is made entirely of metal, due to it's maker's... abilities.

About the compound

Located within the New Croton Reservoir in Yorktown Winchester, New York State. It is located near the Cortlandt Manor, which is a safe haven and meeting place for the Brotherhood. The higher ups of the Brotherhood all live near and occupy the surrounding area (including the reservoir).

It is made to simply look like a reservoir, all the people who man it or take care of it are also within the Brotherhood.

Further down the river there is also a training area that is cloaked using magnetic induced invisibility. It can only be gotten into by underground tunnels or teleportation.

The inside of the compound is made like this; the green squares are rooms, all the doors are made of metal. Each room is a 10x10 space that is make to accommodate each member and their needs as a mutant. There are 4 floors that look this way. The Rec room is a large cafeteria where the members are allowed to hang out and eat. The Rec area also has TVs so that every member will be able to hear and see announcements and orders from the leaders. The hallways leading out all go to difference places;
The top left goes to the other side of the reservoir, out toward Cortlandt Manor.
The top right goes to a stair well.
Bottom right goes to the training area.
Bottom left goes to a stair well.

These are things that I have mostly worked out when I played with Vash and built upon it based on the knowledge of the area that we're playing in. We can use this or not. I wanted to make sure that my thoughts were known.
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About the Brotherhood
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