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 Ludwig Beilschmidt

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PostSubject: Ludwig Beilschmidt   Sat Aug 04, 2012 2:30 pm

Character Name: Ludwig Beilschmidt

Age: 20

Appearance: Ludwig has steel blue eyes, blond hair and is remarkably tall. His body is quite muscled; his whole appearance comes off as ‘strong and manly’. His skin is usually pale, but due the work in the sun he got a slight tan on his face, hands and forearms. Ludwig usually doesn’t show off with funky pirate clothes. He prefers easy clothing which is comfortable to wear during his hard work. In daily life on the ship he has a plain, brown cotton shirt with its sleeves rolled up over his elbows and bulky pants with a heavy leather belt. His footwear is strong but worn leather boots in black. In the nights and when they are sailing cold areas Ludwig adds a warm, knee long coat with a furred collar. When it is warm enough he goes barefoot. Ludwig’s only jewelery is a plain golden ear piercing in his left earlobe and a worn iron-cross shaped necklace on a thin silver chain which he got from his grandfather.

Class: Boatswain on the HMS Black Rose

Sexuality: Bisexual (But if you ask him directly, he is of course ‘straight’ >w> )

Personality: Ludwig is known to be a very strict and hard working man who demands from himself as much as he does from the people he works with. He follows orders from superiors in the most efficient and fast way he can muster and is absolutely loyal to the ones who are above him in the line of hierarchy. He tries to keep control over himself and the situations he is involved in by setting up a lot of rules and regulations for himself. Ludwig is also a bit of a loner who can work with others when he needs to, but in form of friendships or social interaction he is awkward and clumsy. He has never been in a relationship and even if he is here and there interested or attracted to woman he considers his work more important then the need to get his physical needs satisfied. During stays in harbors or when there is alcohol available on board he likes to get stone-drunk. When smashed he becomes loud and looses control over himself, sometimes even gets violent and starts up fights. Ludwig’s sense of moral and his strong urge to protect weaker people and mates change and shift with the crew he is part of.

Background: Ludwig was born in a small, plain village in the West of Germany. His father was unknown and his mother died when Ludwig was still a toddler, so he grew up under the care of his grandfather. His younger days and childhood were carefree and easy but by the coming of puberty Ludwig’s grandfather grew old and Ludwig had to take over the organization of life himself. His grandfather taught him young how to work hard and how to be responsible for himself.
When Ludwig was sixteen his grandfather died and Ludwig left the small village and started to make his own way. The place he grew up in was surrounded by forest, fields and mountains, so when Ludwig arrived at a village with a harbor, the sea and the big ships immediately caught his interest. He hired at the shipyard and did spend two years learning the basics about ships and work as a sailor.
Ludwig got a job as a mate on a small ship and truly enjoyed being able to sail the sea. But his ship got caught in a storm and sunk. Ludwig managed to survive long enough to be rescued out of the sea by Captain Kirklands pirate ship. He started to work on the Black Rose, in the beginning only to pay back his ‘depth’ for his rescue. Ludwig planned to escape when they came close to the next harbor, but once his chance came by, he had already grown comfortable to his life as a pirate, so he decided against his escape plan and promised loyalty to the Captain and the crew of the Black Rose. Ludwig now works in a stable position of a boatswain.

(I'm awfully sorry. The personality and background sounds horrible rusty. ;////; I promise that I am WAY better in actual RolePlay. When I can add interaction, characterization and emotional handling.)

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PostSubject: Re: Ludwig Beilschmidt   Sat Aug 04, 2012 11:58 pm

Like your profile West... I think you meant 'tanned forearms' not 'underarms'.....I keep imagining germany with tanned armpits and giggling.. lD

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PostSubject: Re: Ludwig Beilschmidt   Sun Aug 05, 2012 6:58 pm

Well yeah, nevermind... >w>

Did totally not get it wrong because she was word-to-word translating with google translator... e////e
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PostSubject: Re: Ludwig Beilschmidt   Sun Aug 05, 2012 9:17 pm

*puts a stamp of approval on this* <3

I will have to find some way of making mischief with you >.>
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PostSubject: Re: Ludwig Beilschmidt   

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Ludwig Beilschmidt
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