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 Natallia "the rebound" Arlovskaya

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Battle Outfit:
Character Name: Natallia Arlovskaya

Age: 18

Sexuality: Heterosexual

X-Men or Brotherhood: Brotherhood

Brotherhood Code Name: Ricochet

Mutant Abilities
Anything that is sent at her can be deflected straight back to the sender. The thing deflected maybe be physical, elemental or extrasensory. With enough concentration she is capable of aiming an attack or projectile at another target. To use this ability, she either needs to be consciously aware an attack is being used on her or to keep her power constantly active as a guard. It cannot be used while she is unconscious.

At current, she is only capable of deflecting other mutant abilities that are used directly on her. It does not work on regular attacks. Nor can she extend it to abilities that can only work through using a medium. The only exception is when her safety is at risk, her powers may react on their own to deflect something they normally wouldn't be able to.

Natallia always has a motive behind anything she does. She tends to ignore things that won't benefit her or have her relation to her goals. This can make her come across as distant and cold, so she hardly has friends. She's been so used to being on her own that even when she's in a group she prefers to keep to herself, never getting involved personally with them. Though that doesn't make her untrustworthy. She just doesn't feel the need to befriend someone to work with them.

As dispassionate as she is towards everything else, she is quite a determined thing for whatever she wants to accomplish. And right now, being with the Brotherhood is what she believes will help her achieve what she wants. All their goals and accomplishments only bring her closer to her own. So while she has no real allegiance to that side, she is willing to do anything that takes to have their plans succeed, regardless of how immoral others will see her actions. For her it's always been that the end justifies the means.

However, for someone whose emotional range is about the size of a teaspoon, only varying between being bored to annoyance to rage, she has a few childish beliefs. It's hard to tell at first, but deep down she clings on to some of the pieces of her childhood, not fully growing up as it were. The first hint many should discussion is her obsession with her brother - by now she should have learnt incest is not acceptable and have move on. Yet her dream from her childhood to marry her brother refuses to fade. Of course she isn't as vocal on her other beliefs as this, but she's just as equally stubborn in refusing to outgrow them.

Natallia at first lived in a simple and happy home. She had her siblings, especially a brother that she grew very close to. It's what she considered the best years of her life. Being home with her family. They weren't rich or anything and some nights were harder than others, but it was still a good life for her. It'd be impossible to believe that she used to be a happy child capable of expressing positive emotions.

Once she was old enough to go to school her father disappeared. She was never really sure of what happened but she assumes he died just she was never told of it - that's what they did on TV to children whose pets had died. Though her older siblings managed to help their mother about, making up for the slack. It was part of that that made Natallia begin to love her brother closer than she should. While other little girls dreamed of growing up some day to marry someone like their father, she was dreaming to marry her brother instead. A dream that she hasn't exactly outgrown.

As an older sibling started to develop mutant powers, that was when she first heard of this organisation called the X-men. They came around, asking about her sibling. Though she had no idea what had gone on, all she knew was after this group called the X-men came around it was only a few days later when she returned home from school with the police around her home. Natallia had been taken away and sent to an orphanage - something about it being too dangerous for her to live where she was. No one had explained anything to her, after all, she was just a child and wouldn't understand anyway. So until this day, she has no knowledge of why she was taken away from her home, but she can't help but blame it on the X-men for it.

She was soon adopted into another home by a family that had no children. It was in a different state from where her original family lived, so while she wants to go back and find her brother and the rest of her family, she couldn't.

Teenage Years:
It took years before she settled in with the family she had now. Though her desire for seeing her brother again never left her, and in fact grew over the years, she slowly started to care less about the rest of her family. Hell, she was caring less about people in general. Locking all emotions out was what was working for her to cope, and by now it's almost a natural reaction to everything. No longer was she that happy child she used to be.

Her adoptive family had enrolled her into a Christian school, which only helped her to bottle her feelings away. There was an expected behaviour of students from Christian schools, so Natallia found it helped her when she had something to distract her from emotions. Of course trying to follow all rules and act like a perfect student who never let petty things like her emotions cloud her judgement weren't meant to be taken to such extremes, but it was better than to think about never seeing her brother again. However, with her focus on trying to shut her emotions out, she found herself distancing from other students. Companionship gets in the way of her focus so it was a side affect she didn't care for. By now, she prefers to be left alone.

After Mutation:
Her powers developed very late in her adolescence. She actually only had her powers for two years now, and most of that time she hadn't been around other mutants to realise that she had powers earlier. There were only a few weird instances of things being rebounded off an unknown force around her body, but it wasn't enough to alert others that there was something genetically different about her. And she always thought it was something magical so never questioned it.

Eventually those sparse instances were enough to attract notice of the X-men. However she rejected those offers, not finding there to be sufficient reason to why she wanted to join them. After all, not only did she feel that she could learn her own "magic" without the aid of anyone else but she still blamed them for separating her family, even if she doesn't vocalise it. Not to mention the idea of being dragged to join a large group of people that were supposedly like her was completely unappealing; she was content with her life of solitary. It was bad enough she had be surrounded by people in a normal school. Nothing could make her think going to a boarding school was going to be any better, especially when it was by an organisation she hates.

Though things were different when someone from the Brotherhood came for her. She did originally want to reject the offer, thinking they were no better than the X-men. However, in their convincing they had also offered her the one thing she wanted more than anything else: A way to find and marry her brother. As long she believes they will help her with that feat, she will support the Brotherhood's plans.
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Natallia "the rebound" Arlovskaya
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