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 Belarus Application

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PostSubject: Belarus Application   Fri Jul 20, 2012 6:13 am

Human name: Natallia “Natasha” Arlovskaya (Наталля Арлоўская)

Country name: Republic of Belarus (Рэспубліка Беларусь – Res-pew-blee-ka Bey-la-roos)

Personality section:
Belarus may look like a pretty and sweet girl, but she’s an extremely harsh person and can very easily intimate others. If she’s not intending to scare someone, she’s trying to ignore their existence or wanting them to leave her alone. There are very few nations she can be bothered to spend her time with. She honestly doesn’t care much of what happens to others, so if she does something that can inconvenience another she’ll most likely ignore their hardship as long as it benefits her or her brother. Because of this she may appear to be needlessly cruel, though it’s not her intention. She just doesn’t have concern to spare on things outside of her interests.

Some may see her intense interest in Russia an obsession, but it’s not only as simple as that. She may not appear it immediately but she is a determined and extremely focused person. When she wants something she won’t rest until she succeeds in her goal. It just so happens that her goal for centuries has been to marry her brother. Once she has an interest in something – or someone – it is nearly impossible to deter her from it. In fact, for someone who normally is so cold and detached from everything else, she is very passionate with her obsessions. It’s just not easy to tell until one gets to know her.

She has a talent for hiding her emotions; her expression almost hardly seems to change. While a lot of the time she doesn’t care about things, there are many more times when she doesn’t want to care. To scare others off and revenge are quite easy emotions for her to manage. Anything else though, she’ll express all of that in the same single bored expression. If it’s not a negative feeling, she usually won’t bother to show it outwardly. In part it’s because she puts all her positive feelings into her obsessions, but also she doesn’t want to be seen as too sensitive. Deep down (and I mean really deep down) she can be quite sentimental about some things; the dress she’s usually seen wearing is something her brother gave her long ago and she treasures it too much to wear other things, even if the outfit is long out of style.

It can be difficult to believe but she does have a sense of humour and enjoys a good comedy. She commonly spends her morning reading the comics in the Russian newspapers. A good joke can go a long way with her, though she’ll most likely not laugh even if she finds it funny. She also has an interest in magic, but it’s not something she studies enough as most of her time goes into plans of getting that marriage with Russia. However she’ll practice it every so often to keep up her skills in the craft. Foreign music is also another love of hers, especially when it’s rock music. Curiously it doesn’t have to be only in Russian, she’s happy to hear songs from the other European countries as well, despite it annoying her boss that she’s not listening to Belarusian folk music.

Roleplay sample:
The sound of scraping was all anyone would hear if they passed the doorway. It may have been loud enough to be heard further than that. Not that Belarus knew or particularly cared.

She stood over a bench, carefully grinding a knife over a whetstone. Her finger was carefully placed over it, steadying the knife as she slid it along the stone. From base to tip, she made sure the knife would encompass the entire flat edge of the stone in the motion.

How did she let her knife get so blunt? Her brows furrowed as she continued to ponder this. She normally didn’t have a reason to use so often that they would lose their edge so soon and now that she needed it this was a great inconvenience to her. Instead of being by her brother’s side as she wished, here she was, sharpening a damn knife. What a waste of valuable time she could be spending with her dear brother.

If it weren’t that she was doing this for him, she would have settled with using it blunt. Yes, it may have made cutting through anything a slow and painful task, hacking at anything bit by bit rather a clean single cut, but it wasn’t like it mattered to her. She could stand the mess it would make as long as it didn’t stain her dress.

She flipped the knife over and began to do the same to the other side.

It seemed rather quiet, aside from the sounds grinding her knife made. She wondered if her guest was still here. What if he left while she was attending to her knife?

The doors were bolted along with the usual lock to ensure it would be no easy time to pick the lock. All her windows were locked too, with the keys to turn the locks kept in her pocket. The only way out would have been to smash the window open and she’d surely have heard that. Escape would not be an easy option. Although, even if her guest did decide to leave early she could always go after him. She knew where he lived after all. And there was no chance she’d let him get away before he got what he deserved.

A shake of the head was all she needed to dispel any other concerns. She had to get this knife sharpened soon. It didn’t matter what was going on outside of this room. If she wanted to get back to him soon, she had to finish this quickly.

Lifting the knife from the whetstone, she looked at the edge of the blade, seeing how thin it had gotten. It was almost ready for use.

She went to a drawer and pulled out the honing steel. Then she went back to the counter and rested the tip of the honing steel on the counter, starting to slide her knife side to side against it. It started at the bottom, and then slowly reached the top, before repeating it. She could see some shavings from the old weathered steel from her knife falling to the base of where the honing steel was perked up on.

It wasn’t too much longer until she was done steeling her knife. There was something close to a satisfied look on her face. Soon, she will be back by her guest’s side.

Putting the knife down, she returned the honing steel back into the drawer she pulled it from. Then she was quickly moving to the other side of the room, snatching up a tea towel on the way. She grabbed onto the warm handle of a door, pulled it open and ducked down to peer into the oven. There laid the smoking roast, the outside of it crisp and dark. It was certainly ready to serve, so she used the towel to help herself hold onto the pan and take it out.

Cooking was not something she would ever go to the special effort of doing. Hell, it wasn’t even something she was particular skilled in. That was more her sister’s thing. However, when it came to pleasing Russia, she was willing to go to all this effort. She had spent all night yesterday studying how to do all this properly so that everything would be cooked to perfection. This should be enough to show her brother that she could cook just as well as any of his favourites to take food from.

The roast was placed on the counter, besides a platter she had put out earlier. She took the knife she had just sharpened and sliced through the meat instantly. A perfect cut. She made quick work cutting the rest of the meat into even portions and placing it onto the platter. Immediately after she was carrying it out of the kitchen, hurrying it back into the room where she had left Russia waiting.

“Big brother, I have the zharkoye-”

She almost dropped the platter when she saw Ukraine sitting across from Russia. A glare was quickly forming. How could she have gotten in?

Continuing her way to the table before she really did drop the meal, she slammed the plate down onto the table, causing her guest to look up at her with a start, while the other to only smiled. “What are you doing here?!” There was a dangerous hiss in her tone, one that her sister appeared completely oblivious to.

“Oh, dear Russia had called me up and said I should come over. I hope you don’t mind. I brought some pampushki.”

“It seemed like it would be nice to have dinner as a family together, da? Also, you have a lot of locks on your door. It took a very long time to pick them all.”

Belarus fisted a hand, regretting that she had cut the zharkoye back in the kitchen. She would be carrying that recently sharpened knife otherwise. Now that Ukraine was here, she couldn’t chance to let Russia alone with her for even a split moment. This was just another of her sister’s plans to take Russia away from her, and she won’t allow that to happen. Russia was going to marry her first.

“Sit down with us. You really made such a lovely spread for us, Belarus dear!”

She took the seat besides Russia; her glare never once faltering as she watched Ukraine observe the food already on the table joyously. The perfect night she had planned was completely ruined.

Anything Else?:
- I like red~
- For the name, I checked up typical romanisations of the name. Natallia and Natalie were more common for Belarusians to use than Natalya (which was more common for Russians). So I went with that.
- I tried to give the correct pronunciation to the Belarusian letters for the country name. Sorry if in advance if it's a bit off.

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Kiku Honda


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PostSubject: Re: Belarus Application   Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:10 am

Well, looks like everything is in order here~ You're accepted! Welcome to the forum, well done! You can now post up an intro in the Introductions section, and then you can start up your profiles for the AUs you're interested in joining!

Your application was wonderful and a pleasure to read. I look forward to RPing with you here ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Belarus Application   Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:31 am

Thank you~ You have made it all the more easier for me to continue stalking my brother.

(( I have a feeling our Russia is going to leave immediately now that I'm here ))
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Kiku Honda


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PostSubject: Re: Belarus Application   Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:35 am

Of course. It was a pleasure~

((And I trust our Ivan will stay, since he'll have so many other people to hide him at their houses...faaaaar away~))
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PostSubject: Re: Belarus Application   

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Belarus Application
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