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 Vash Zwingli, pissy knight and damn good shot

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Vash Zwingli

Vash Zwingli

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Vash Zwingli, pissy knight and damn good shot Empty
PostSubject: Vash Zwingli, pissy knight and damn good shot   Vash Zwingli, pissy knight and damn good shot I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 19, 2012 3:52 am

Character Name: Sir Vash Zwingli

Age: 20

Vash Zwingli, pissy knight and damn good shot Medvas10

Class: Upper middle class, knighted through a sponsor

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: You could call it a lack of tact, but the young knight is honest and blunt, almost to a point of being seen as more than mean; it's not intentional, but Vash simply calls it like he sees it. The world is a place of hard work to him, where daily he must prove to himself and anyone watching that he is worthy of the sponsorship that's been granted to him for several years, and even now that he's a knight, Vash works to make sure he stays worthy. He is incredibly hard-working, devoted, and devout, and though he does not go looking for trouble, the young knight often finds himself in it as he is more than willing to step in and assist in something if he feels it needs assistance. Vash takes his codes and vows very seriously and does anything he can to abide by them and serve the King loyally, and soemtimes feels a little torn between his loyalties to his family, his King, and those he cares most about. He will defend his best friend and childhood playmate's secrets with his life, even though Maria being a female knight is unheard of, unorthodox, and a little strange that everyone accepts her as a male, Vash will defend her and protect that secret regardless.


((WIP... Will finish tomorrow))
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Vash Zwingli, pissy knight and damn good shot
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