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 Ivan Braginski

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PostSubject: Ivan Braginski   Sat Jul 14, 2012 12:09 am


Human name: Ivan Braginski

Country's name: Russia

Personality section:
Pfft, awsomely impaled...
If you ask any of the nations to describe Russia in one word, most would probably pick "scary", "disturbing", or "strange." Growing up in a icy environment that was frequently the scene of battle, civil or otherwise, had made Russia's mind crack, leaving him with the mind of a child trapped in the body of a giant of a man with a rather large nose.

Though he is always smiling childishly, Russia at first seems very terrifying; if it's not the smile, his dark "aura" would disturb you. However, if you observe his actions enough, you can see that he is just acting like a small child; his "torturing," just some light horseplay for him. The disturbing banter, just childish teasing. The only problem he has is taking it too far, but at least he has enough morals to regret it sometimes.

((Short section is really, really short. Please tell me if it should be longer...Russia's personality is tough to write up for some reason...:p ))

Roleplay sample:
He hadn't meant it. He hadn't meant to go as far as killing him.

The tall nation stared blankly at the body that was in a crumpled heap at his feet. The glasses were askew. The blue eyes that normally sparkled were now dull and blank. Everything, his face, bomber jacket, everything was covered in blood. Russia couldn't really remember what happened, but the growing headache told him that he had drunk too much vodka. Again.

He hated it when he did that. Hated the demon inside of him that was released to the world, laughing its insane and disturbing laugh while it harmed those around him...And he had finally gained America's trust too. Now he had killed him after a tiny insult (It was Communist, he could remember that. It had become such a common insult that Russia simply did not react to it any more, and America usually used it for harmless banter. Russia didn't mind. Usually.)

Before he could stop himself, he started running. Running until he came to a certain Asian house. He knocked on the door until he heard a sleepy, "Who is it, coming to someone's house in the middle of the night, aru?" and China opened the sliding door. When he could only see a beige blood-splattered wall of flesh and cloth, China looked up and recognized who was at the door
"俄國..." China said, using his own language.
"Privet, Китай." Russia said, smiling sadly. China sighed, knowing that the tall nation needed an older sibling tonight.
"Come in, aru. Don't hit your head on the ceiling..."

Anything else?: The sample...ended up as something I didn't expect actually XD But yeah, don't worry nations can't die, so America will be up, running, and pissed off at Russia after a few hours (Headcanon that nothing would happen if you, a nation, killed another nation, but you would lose his/her trust completely after that.)

Favorite color? Hmmmm. Red. Red's a good color, da? Though I don't like it on white, it makes the white so ugly~ D:
((White=Snow, Red=Blood. Thank you for the wonderful image, Russia.))

Late app is late. Sorry about that!

MSN account: kolkolforce@hotmail(dot)com
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PostSubject: Re: Ivan Braginski   Sat Jul 14, 2012 2:39 am

Well, I deem you as approved. (Your personality section might have been short, but it did hit the main points so it's all good ^_^) Also, we're an AU heavy site, so you'll be using human names of the nations here. If you have any questions about that, let us know. Here are a few more things to get you started here~

- Post up an introduction in the Introductions thread
- Post up a user picture
- Feel free to look around the active AUs, start up profiles for them, and think up devious and epic plots on your own (or with the other RPers ^^)
- Post up to join in with the MSN chat. It's just a friendly way to get tossed into the chaos that is this place and our scheming minds~

Welcome aboard~ I hope you enjoy your time here on Worlds Collide. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to message myself or either of the mods.
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Ivan Braginski
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