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 Patient: Matthew Williams

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Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams

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Character Name: Matthew Williams

Age: 19

Appearance: Tall, lanky blonde with shoulder-long, wavy, platinum blonde hair. His eyes are an interesting shade of dark blue which seems to go into dark violet in certain light. Matthew is fair skinned and rather thin, with long limbs and graceful, sinewy figure that only seems to emphasize his underweight. Due to the pale complexion and wavy, fair soft hair, his eyes seem bigger and stand out; he also looks younger than he actually is, the usually gentle smile giving him a youthful, almost childlike impression.

Staff or Patient: Patient

If Patient, what is your derangement? Why are you here? Schizophrenia, Codependency, and I couldn't even find a name for this but Matthew believes he sometimes becomes invisible. Also, I'm no expert so if someone is really interested, you might wanna read the bg too.

Sexuality: Gay

Personality: Matthew usually prefers to be in his own little world but he is not above reaching out to the real world when something catches his attention - usually it is just to pull it/them into his happy place. Albeit many people assume he is shy, that's not the case - simply, Matthew is quiet and relatively peacekeeping by nature so he's often quiet, even in company. He tends to carry his worn-out, raggy bear toy with him most of the time and although he often believes he turned invisible, he doesn't use it for any crazy antics. Due to his background, Matthew is quite starved for affection (also fueled by his affectionate nature) and he might become addicted and completely relying on the person who bestows him with even just slight attention. Most of the time he is content and it's not easy to get him angry but when he snaps, he just might turn a bit dangerous and unpleasant if the voices in his head tell him to...


Matthew lost his parents early in his childhood and grew up in an orphanage. Due to his quiet, pleasant nature which made him refuse most of the activities preferred by the kids there, and the fact he was the youngest kid in there, he became a bit of a pushover for others and the scapegoat for whenever anything went wrong. At first it was teasing and the beginning of abuse but before it could get any worse, the oldest boys got a completely new idea. They would simply pretend that Matthew doesn't exist and since the staff didn't bother with the kids, they would unknowingly play the game as well.
This marked the beginning of Matthew's mental problems. He was easy to ignore, never really taking part in any activities except occasional game with the younger kids (who were forced to ignore him as well unless they wanted to suffer) and soon enough, Matthew stopped trying and it became a habit for the others who went on with life. But Matthew, as a small, naive kid, believed with his whole heart that he actually became invisible and no one could see him anymore.

From that day, he started to play by himself in the far corner of the orphanage garden, having only his favourite stuffed bear toy as his companion. He became the only one he talked to and interacted and started to believe, which isn't so hard for a kid, that his bear had feelings, personality and actually answered him.

One day, he met a boy around his age, whose shortest route from the nearby school led by the orphanage garden. His name was Alfred F. Jones and he became interested in the lone boy he always found playing with his bear; one day, Alfred stopped by and, being the confident, brash kid he was, befriended the young Matthew. Alfred's visits became regular and the two became good friends; best friends, as Alfred claimed in fact. Their physical resemblance also led to Alfred joking they were like brothers and many daydreams about Alfred's parents finding out Matthew was Alfred's long-lost brother; but after some subtle questioning on his part, Al was assured he's an only child. That led the boy to believe that the stork must have been mistaken when delivering Mattie and, in an attempt to make them proper brothers, the two of them made a tiny prick on their fingers with a needle and pressed the bleeding wounds together to exchange blood.

All was well; until one day, Alfred didn't appear. In fact, he stopped appearing even if Matthew waited and waited, day after day... no one knows what happened. Matthew soon retreated back to his own world, talking to his toy only and one day, a year or two later when he was a teenager, he was discovered in the act by one of the members of the staff who decided to send him to get examined, seeing a chance in getting rid of a kid from the already overcrowded facility.

The doctors who examined Matthew were very stubborn in trying to prove to the young boy that his so called 'brother' was just a creation of his mind; and since curing mental illnesses at that time sucked, he was treated to various unpleasant treatments; electroshocks, locking up in a small, dark cell... It had just the adverse effect. Matthew finally believed Alfred wasn't a part of the real world but instead, he was a part of Matthew's world and only Mattie could see him and communicate with him. Illusions of his friend, now grown up started and became stronger and stronger now that he didn't have to cling to memories but he actually started to believe Alfred lived in his mind and didn't have to go away. Finally, the doctors gave up and sent him to the asylum, knowing that someone who hears voices, even if he seems harmless, might one day snap if only the voices tell him so.

Matthew's affectionate nature made him starved for attention and love, both parental and romantic. He never experienced any care from anyone he met in his life, except Alfred; and soon, his once friend, then brother, became also his imaginary lover; both in emotional and physical sense, in Matthew's mind. He honestly believes that sleeping with Al counts just as much as sleeping with anyone in the real world and it just proves how strong and deep his illusions are.
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Patient: Matthew Williams
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