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 Lovino Vargas

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Lovino Vargas

Lovino Vargas

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PostSubject: Lovino Vargas   Lovino Vargas I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 29, 2012 6:46 am

Character Name: Lovino Vargas

X-Men / Brotherhood Code Name: None for now

Age: 17

Lovino Vargas South.Italy.240.998678

Mutant Abilities:
To put it very simply, Lovino can steal the ability of any mutant he touches, bare skin to bare skin (Hair doesn't count, just watch out for that one curl, for both the reason we all know and also because it's possible for Lovi to steal powers from his curl...not that anyone wants to touch there anyway) However, the powers are weakened (For example, if he steals the ability of a mutant who can run at 500mph, he could only run at 400 mph tops) and they only last for a short while. Due to the inconsistency of his powers, Lovino is unable to control whether he can full-blown steal a mutant's powers or simply take a portion of the mutant's power (Which means it would weaken the "victim"'s ability), but this is simply because of lack of training. However it is more likely that he would only be able to steal a part of a mutant's ability when he is tired or stressed to the point where he can't concentrate.

The only way that Lovino could prevent this transfer from happening was from clothes, which is why he is usually covered up and edges away whenever anyone tries to touch him. He usually freaks out whether he loses an article of clothing (usually his gloves) and more often than not goes into the nearest store to buy a new pair.

X-Men or Brotherhood: Neither, high possibility that this will change though.

Sexuality: Bi, though usually seen as straight since he flirts with women a lot.

Lovino is a hot-tempered young Italian man who flinches away from touches and yells at you forever if you dare to try touching a particular curl of hair. Though if you get to know him better, you would see that Lovino isn't so bad at all; a bit jumpy, but not too bad. Though you couldn't tell from one look, Lovino is actually quite a studious high schooler, and enjoys studying as long as the subject stays interesting. Or else he would fall asleep.

He has never heard of the two organizations before (Like their names and what their true purposes are,) those he's heard of two groups of people who are gathering people with special abilities, and are looking for more. He's secretly hoping that someone from one of these groups would come get him and help him learn more about himself, and eventually help him deal with his abilities better.

Lovino grew up with his mother, father, and his twin younger brother Feliciano in a small village in Italy until their parents died in an accident when the brothers were three. He and his brother moved to America to live with their grandfather after that, and the Vargas twins lived a fairly normal life...until the two turned sixteen.

A few days after their birthday, Lovino was taking a walk outside when he abruptly bumped into a beautiful young woman. He promptly apologized (He's only a gentleman around women) and helped her to her feet, kissing her ungloved hand (What? Did you think Francis was the only one who would do that?) After he helped her get to wherever she was going (the store) he returned home, still thinking about the woman, since she was very attractive. As he returned home, he never realized that there was something wrong with his body...

After a few minutes, Lovino finally got home and headed to the bathroom to wash his hands. When he
briefly looked up, there, in the mirror, was the woman from earlier.

Lovino then proceeded to freak the fuck out.

After checking to make sure that that was really "him", Lovino tried to run through his options.

1. Tell his nonno

After seeing himself change again, this time into his grandfather, Lovino decided against that. If his nonno had a heart attack because his grandson was suddenly some freaky shape-shifter, he and his brother were screwed...

2. Tell his fratello

After freaking out a little less when he turned into his brother this time (complete with the opposite curl and dozy look), Lovino decided to tell his brother first, then his grandfather....

...Then he changed back to normal. Without thinking about it.

Now more than a little creeped out about how his body had automatically changed back, Lovino decided to pull out his computer and research more about the "special people" his grandfather were always talking about, the only thing he could think of that was at least somewhat similar to what he had become.

He didn't like what he found. All the articles he found were anti-mutant propaganda, labeling people like him as freaks of nature, and how they shouldn't even exist. He decided to keep it from his grandfather, mostly because he was afraid of how he would react to the news.

Lovino eventually broke down and told his grandfather, who took it rather well since his daughter (Lovino and Feliciano's mother) was a mutant as well, someone who had the ability to transfer her ability (basic, weak telepathy) to others when they needed it. Lovino eventually figured out that his true ability was not shape-shifting but power-stealing; he had simply stolen (temporarily) the woman's power to shape-shift (Evidently she had been a mutant as well.) It made sense too, since abilities that had been inherited were alwas somewhat alternate versions of the original ability (In this case, Lovino's power-stealing ability is the opposite/alternate version of his mother's power-sharing ability.)

Currently Lovino lives his life as a normal high school student in a normal high school. He's made some friends who are also mutants (via his accidental power-stealing) but prefers to keep to himself most of the time. He has yet to be contacted by the two organizations, since he hasn't demonstrated his power enough to be picked up by the mutant radar.

Though it hurts him to do so, Lovino has not told his brother about his ability (yet), sine he is, yet again, unsure about what reaction will come. For now, he clings to the hope that Feliciano is also a mutant and is keeping the truth from him for the same reasons
((Since we don't have a Feli RP-er yet */cries* I'm just going to assume this. It will probably change when we get a Feli RP-er though Razz))
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Lovino Vargas
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