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 The White Lotus

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Kiku Honda

Kiku Honda

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PostSubject: The White Lotus   Tue Jun 26, 2012 4:46 am

The ship of Captain Wang Yao and his crew.

The White Lotus is one of the largest varieties of Chinese Junk ships available, and a very whimsical ship to set your eyes on. Her hull is crafted from Chinese cedar trees, stained a deep red color that almost appears black, while white trims and railings accent the ship. Four tall masts made of pine tower over the deck that Yao commands from the higher stern deck. The Lotus’ large white sails are fully battened and appear to resemble dragon wings as they propel her across the seas. She is also able to glide through the waters with the help of two strong langmu rudders with diamond cutouts in them to lessen the force needed to direct them. On the stern mast, a long red banner-like flag flies above the sail that displays a crouching tiger to show what is waiting in the captain’s quarters of this fine ship.



(This should be updated as people leave/join)

Captain: Wang Yao
First Mate: Kiku Honda
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The White Lotus
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