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 The woman to call when you need a thief~

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PostSubject: The woman to call when you need a thief~   Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:05 pm

(Her hair is meant to be brown but it's impossible finding an image of Fem!France on her own in casual wear)

Character Name: Francis Reneé Bonnefoy

Age: 23

Position/Job: Art and Jewel Thief (though she can be paid to steal anything)

Sexuality: Hetereosexual unless we get some more females who want sexy yuri times

Francis adores having attention on herself. Regardless if it's negative or positive attention. Even if she expresses dislike or annoyance at some things said about her or done around her, she would rather that than being completely ignored or forgotten. However, it can be difficult for those who don't know her to tell how much she does appreciate the attention, especially when she behaves nochalant about it or even outright rejecting it.

While she has no problem in using her womanly charm to get what she wants, or even flirt to tease someone, she is a prud when it gets down to it. It's not as though she doesn't want sex, but she's not comfortable with doing it with just anyone. So she may easily back off if touched inappropriately. She may no appear it, but she is a romantic at heart and does have the notion that something as intimate as sex should be with that special someone. In her mind she has an "ideal" man which may be part of the reason why she's constantly refusing other men.

When she isn't stealing items and wearing her slinky cat suit, she'll dress formally for most occassions and shows proper etiquette even when doing the most menial things. She is very confident and can often be proud, sometimes too much for her own good. Due to this, if anything is troubling her she makes a good job of hiding it. She's sometimes easily goaded in a challenge simply because she doesn't want to appear weak, regardless if she knows she has no hope in winning. It's why she's attracted to the high profile crimes such as breaking into museums, their security is much harder to compared to sneaking in regular homes for petty thefts.

Francis didn't have the best childhood. Her parents hadn't wanted a child, and she was only conceived due to them only noticing the pregency when it was too late to go for an abortion. So for the first seven years of her life, she was mostly neglected. They hardly spoke to her, they would regularly leave the house and leave her home alone, and money was rarely spent on her. Though she was given a name at the time of her birth, she'd never been called by it, so wasn't aware she even had one.

As she didn't have anyone to watch over her actions, she tended to climb all over any furnature and jump off of high objects to get to things she needed but couldn't reach. Her reckless actions would get her injured a lot, but it never deterred her. In fact she sometimes hoped to get injured badly enough that she'd get some attention from her parents.

The girl never went to school - her parents had forgotten what her age was and kept thinking she was too young for school - so she never learnt how to write or read. Any French she knew she only picked up because of hearing her parents talk or hearing it from the TV. So she often had a bit of a foul mouth as they never bothered censoring themselves around her.

One of the few times her parents remembered that she existed was when they were going overseas for a holiday. They had accidentally left her at the store, where one of the store cops had found her and took her to the station. All they found out about her was that her surname was Bonnefoy from the tag on her clothing. Since she her parents were never found nor returned, she was put into an orphanage and later adopted out to an American family. She had only been referred to by her surname by this point, so her adopted family ended up giving her the first name Francis. Though she disliked it since it was a male name in French and when she was older she insisted for another name - it only got her a middle name that she could use. Her middle name doesn't originally have the accent, she's just picky and wants it there because it's more appropriately French.

Growing up with her new family was fine, they gave her all the love and attention she needed. Unfortunately things changed when they had their own baby. They had to share their attention between two children, and Francis wasn't happy with that. She began to do anything she could to gain all of the attention. When she figured out that breaking rules got her the most attention, she ended up doing that a lot, eventually getting involved with a bad crowd when she had gone to high school.
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The woman to call when you need a thief~
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