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 The Seven Seas Discussion

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PostSubject: The Seven Seas Discussion   Thu Jun 21, 2012 2:34 pm

In my continuous effort to do my job here, and since RPs have started popping up in this verse, let's talk about PIRATES!

The first major change that occurred was that we took away the specific locations on a ship (the Mess Hall, for example) and replaced them with the actual ship name and a description of the ship written by the Captains. You can then specify what's on your ship (if you want a Mess Hall or not, or what it looks like, etc) instead of having that locked in for you. Also, it just makes more sense to have ships and RPs taking place on them instead of one location with multiple ships RPs taking place on it.

The second major addition will come in the form of some information. Kiku will be posting up the various ranks on the ship. Each ship's board will have a description of the ships, as well as a list of crew members and positions. If you need your list updated, just post on that sticky thread and it will happen ^^

The following will also be reworked and posted:
- The specifics on the ranks, found in the What You Need to Know section (since the page won't load for everyone). A link to the page will also be provided, for those who want to go exploring on their own.
- The Rules will be getting tweaked.
- The setting will be getting a tune-up and reposted
- A thread for crew-gathering will be posted. You can introduce your crew, provide a link to your ship's description, and tell us anything else you'd like us to know.

Anything else you guys think we ought to rework? The world itself doesn't need major tweaking...just things added and rearranged, as far as I can tell.
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The Seven Seas Discussion
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