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 Gilbert Beilschmidt

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PostSubject: Gilbert Beilschmidt   Gilbert Beilschmidt I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 20, 2012 2:02 pm

Character Name:Gilbert Beilschmidt

X-Men / Brotherhood Code Name: Blitz

Age: 19

Gilbert Beilschmidt Fire

Mutant Abilities:Gilbert starts fires by using static electricity. He then uses pyrokinesis to control the fire. His power is stronger when he is not tired. He cannot create fire if he is literally a wet match but he can control existing fire. (Aka: He needs a spark and friction to start the fire and can't if he is wet) The more momentum he gets going, the more friction he can get going towards his flames.
He also has pretty good reflexes but this also depends on how much energy he has at the time.When he is wet he becomes sluggish and relaxed, however if he uses up all his stored energy it causes pain and he often has a black out.It has been advised that Gil not use up too much of his energy...

Quirks caused by the powers

Often if you touch Gil you will get a zap when you first touch him.
this also depends on how energy he has stored up, he doesn't mean this, however it does tend to sting and most people avoid touching him.
He also tends to heat up like a battery if he has too much energy. Sometimes burning to the touch.His soft hair gets crinkly when he has too much build up energy.

X-Men or Brotherhood: Formally brotherhood, Currently neither, however he uses his powers for less than heroic reasons. He mainly will use his power to get money and food that he needs to live off, however he does like pranking people and causing havoc at times.

Sexuality: Bi-sexual, although he particularly attracted to people with naturally high amounts of static electricity and energy.

Gilbert is a loud flashy person both in attitude and powers, his personality fluctuates with the amount of static electricity in the air. Although he is usually always a cocky trouble maker with a big ego. He is also more notably irritable and energetic when its thundering or storming as excess static in the air irks him but also makes him a lot more powerful.
He has troubles trusting people but mainly organizations, especially after what happened while he was with the brotherhood.
He has a constant need to show off and impress people.

Gilbert was born in Germany but moved to America after he escaped from the Eastern Europe sect of the brotherhood. Gilbert who ran a lot like a battery on static was told he had endless possibilities and the Brotherhood was highly curious and eager to find the limits of the Prussians skills. He was made to train endlessly and was submitted to tests just as shock therapy to increase the levels of electricity Gilbert could store in his body since Gilbert usually took that in from the environment around him.

He found himself becoming a criminal, starting to not care about the people he hurt he got to the point where he couldn't take it and wanted to leave. In his anger he blasted through the walls off the compound on a night of a particularly bad thunderstorm and escaped.

If Gilbert does store up to much energy he can hurt himself and has a few scars on his back and one on his cheek from releasing to much energy at once.

Gilberts mind is a little fried and he has a hard time remembering his early childhood, but he does know that he at least at one point had a family.


Pairing with: Alfred.

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PostSubject: Re: Gilbert Beilschmidt   Gilbert Beilschmidt I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 20, 2012 2:10 pm

I will be hiding from you~! (Or giving you food...if you stop by...just don't burn the flowers please...)
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Gilbert Beilschmidt
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