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 The HMS Black Rose

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The HMS Black Rose Empty
PostSubject: The HMS Black Rose   The HMS Black Rose I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 20, 2012 4:02 am

The ship of Captain Arthur Kirkland and his crew.

The HMS Black Rose is a gorgeous ship, one of the finest the British Empire can provide. Her hull is solid oak stained a rich auburn, her mast cut from a tall birch and towering, black as night and shining, over the decks. Ebony railings and bowsprit flank the vessel, the sprit itself carved with great care. To the sprit clings the effigy of a sea-witch, beautiful yet deadly, her mouth curled in an eternal smile and her wood eyes open to survey the sea ahead. Her billowing white linen sails call attention to her great presence as she approaches, and a proud jolly rodger accompanies the Union Jack at the top of her mainmast, a symbol of her captain's allegiance to both country and sea.


(this should be updated as people leave/join)

Captain: Arthur Kirkland
Quartermaster: Alfred F. Jones
Sailing Master: Matthew Williams
Prisoner: Gilbert Beilschmidt
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The HMS Black Rose
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