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 Reporting for duty on board Capt. Brows ship

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Reporting for duty on board Capt. Brows ship Empty
PostSubject: Reporting for duty on board Capt. Brows ship   Reporting for duty on board Capt. Brows ship I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 19, 2012 1:45 pm

Character Name: Alfred F Jones

Age: 17


Reporting for duty on board Capt. Brows ship Alfred10

Class (captain, wench, crew member, cabin boy):

Sexuality: Bisexual


Alfred is bright, happy and always ready to help anyone if need be, he is also completely naive and clueless about most things especially in regards to relationships, Alfred never really goes with the rest of the crew on chick hunting when the ship docks for supplies and relaxation time .Finding it a waste of time, it wasn't that he didn't like guys or girls he just didn't understand them and figured if he was actually meant to be with someone it would happen on its own time. Alfred always has a huge sense of adventure and always goes on to do whatever tasks which seems dangerous and completely different from his regular duties as long as it wasn't creepy. He does a lot of the repairs around the ship even though they actually have someone else for the job as well as weaponry repair since Alfred loves tinkering with things. He is also naturally curious about most things and wouldn't hesitate to try something at least once.

At first glance Alfred appears to be stupid but he actually isn't he is a genius with things that actually interest him and catches his attention. if its not then well he won't bother because he just doesn't want to

He has a strong attachment to Arthur since the man practically raised him and while he would normally annoy him and pick his buttons, he would protect Arthur against anything and help him if needed. On the days when he is actually not doing anything you can find Alfred in a spot up high somewhere reading one of the books he manages to sneak out from Arthur's book collection.

He is also dreadfully afraid of thunderstorms and supernatural things which ends him in Arthur's bed insisting he needed to protect the man from the said storm / monsters


Alfred was an orphan at a young age living on the streets, until one day he got into the boxes of supplies for Arthur's ship before he could get out however the boxes were all carried into the cargo deck and there was no way Alfred could get out. He spent a good deal of his time down in the storage till the crew mentioned that some of their food supplies were disappearing for no reason. It was then Arthur actually found him and decided he would be useful for something therefore raising him as his own and keeping him on board. Though it took a bit of convincing to get him out of the supply storage since Alfred was terrified of the caterpillars on Arthur's face.

Throughout the years Alfred learnt a great many things and one of the things he treasured was reading as well as tinkering. He was also taught to fight and defend himself, Alfred found himself getting really close to the brit even if his eyebrows were massive scary. By the time he reached his 17th birthday , Arthur finally deemed him old enough and ready to be his second in charge.

(( I'm sorry I used you a lot in his bg Artie but I figured this was one of the most logical reasons why he would be on your ship * is also sorry for its lameness lolz has no clue about pirates ;~;* ))

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Reporting for duty on board Capt. Brows ship Empty
PostSubject: Re: Reporting for duty on board Capt. Brows ship   Reporting for duty on board Capt. Brows ship I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 20, 2012 4:36 am

I love that picture of Alfred *huggles it and saves it away* ^_^
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Reporting for duty on board Capt. Brows ship
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