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 Smirking from the shadows.

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PostSubject: Smirking from the shadows.   Smirking from the shadows. I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 11, 2012 5:40 pm

Character Name: Gilbert Beilschmidt
Age: Well he looks 22-23. But hes much older then that..


Smirking from the shadows. Pruvamp

Hair: Gilbert keeps his silver hair short and has bangs that he sweeps off to one side.

Eyes: His eyes are scarlet.

Body: An athletic built and a lot more solid than he appears. He is not the most muscular vampire in appearance, but he is fast and agile.

Height: 177cm tall. He wished he was taller sometimes as taller people seem to get more respect.

Weight: 70kgs (154lbs)

Species: Vampire

Sexuality: Fluctuates depending on his mood and current state of blood-lust. With a level head he is usually more inclined to be attracted to females.

Gilbert is a confident and egotistical Vampire who can be quite ruthless when need be. He can be rather reckless. Brash, strong and will not hesitate to state his opinions or mock others.

Gilbert talks himself up a lot, it is usually to put himself out of a bad mood or work up his confidence. Although he has a big ego he finds a need to constantly defend himself if he is insulted. Insults will not just bounce off him like water off a ducks back. He takes everything to heart.

Hes a strong fighter but is also quite curious and often plays mind games with his prey. Gilbert never turns his victims into vampires, he sees no need for the extra competition and fears anyone he turned would be a potential threat. It would take a lot of convincing for him to even consider it.

Gilbert does feel lonely at times, but he is too stubborn and proud to admit something like that. He keeps these thoughts to himself as he does not want to appear vulnerable but also he never wishes to be remembered for his weaknesses.

He has taken to life as a modern vampire quite well and his outward personality does not reflect that of an older vampire. When Gilbert gets moving he has a lot of energy and can be quite exhausting to those around him. Although he does not often keep repeated contact with humans, he will often engaged them in conversations and debates often acting as if he knows them. He likes attention and impressing people, however he does not expect these people to be in his long life very long.

He gets highly competitive around other male Vampires.

When hunting he usually targets handsome men or couples. Not because he is attracted to them but out of jealousy and gender rivalry. Although attracted to women he tends to avoid them as he finds their screams irritating and somewhat alarming.


*Strategy and cunning- Although his rough attitude can somewhat mask it at times, Gilbert is amazing at strategical planning, as long as he does not find the task boring.

*Agility and speed- As a vampire, he is relentless and efficient at hunting down prey and his enemies.

*Strength in battle- Gilbert is strong and deadly and often quite easy to provoke (which can be a weakness)


*The Sun- Gilbert hates the sunlight and bright lights. Even as a human he was weak to sunlight due to his albinism and this is a trait that intensified as a vampire. He is photosensitive and blinded by bright lights which case him great pain. His pale skin easy burns under UV rays. He reserves himself to indoors during the day.

*Easily distracted and restless- If Gilbert becomes bored with something it is rather hard to get him motivated to continue; if he sees something more interesting he will move on, even if the task he was doing was important. He often complains about 'life' being dull and has a yearning to fill his time


'I don't want to die'. These were the last thoughts Gilbert remembers of his human life.' I don't want to die and be buried and forgotten... I want to live forever...'
Gilbert cannot remember why he had this wish as a human. It has been so long now that he is starting to forget the details of his Vampire life as well. Fortunately, Gilbert has a large collection of journals that he has kept since turning into a vampire which he will often refer to if need be. The first entry date he has recorded in his journal is January the 18th so he considers that his birthday since he does not remember his own. Gilbert may not be able to remember his age, but he does know from his journals that he is quite an old vampire.

A Germanic Vampire who was turned back when Prussia was still a country. He will adamantly state that he is Prussian even though the country no longer exists. He does not remember who turned him, just that they had attacked him and feed off him after he had told them that he was not ready to be forgotten.Now that he is technically dead, he often finds himself wishing for life again. He feels like he has become stagnant and unable to grow. However he is not ungrateful; he knows that this life is much more enjoyable than being laid to rest.


*Feeding- Gilbert dislikes the taste of A type blood. He like the taste of B the most. He tends to hold his victims down roughly and feed from their arms often biting multiple times.

(More will be added once there is more discussion on this verse )
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Smirking from the shadows.
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