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William Anderson

William Anderson

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PostSubject: New Zealand   New Zealand I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 05, 2011 11:50 am

New Zealand Pbucket

Human name: William (Will) Anderson

Country's name: New Zealand

Personality section: William is a confident, friendly and very easy-going person. He has a good sense of humour and likes to have a laugh with the people he cares about even if some of the joking is at his own expense sometimes. If he considers you his friend you’ve got his loyalty (even more so if he considers you close enough to be family) unless you do something that’s completely unforgiveable, and he’ll be there for you if you need help. He’s very willing to help out anyone, but rarely asks for help even if he needs it as he sees doing so as a sign of weakness. It isn’t, of course, but good luck trying to tell him that.

He has a temper that he keeps under control most of the time, and it takes a fair bit of provocation for him to lose it. He also has a stubborn streak which doesn’t help when he does lose his temper. He can be agreeable too but only to a point as he doesn’t want anyone to think he’s a pushover. He tries to avoid arguments if he can help it, but if it’s about something that’s important to him he’ll argue the point for as long as it takes. William can be quite competitive too, and gives it his all at work and when he’s playing sport. Cheaters also infuriate him especially if their cheating affects the result of the game.

Roleplay sample:
Will glanced over the sketchbook in his lap at Feliciano and the GM. Feliciano was doing anything and everything to get the GM's attention as usual, and as usual it was working. Will had learned long ago that their interactions were an endless cycle of annoyance, injury and death, and that nothing he said to Feliciano would change that.

"Feliciano, do I need to get out the remote?" The GM seemed cool, calm and collected tonight, and with that thought in mind Will began to draw as Feliciano began the usual round of begging for his life and the GM's forgiveness. Usually the GM let him draw in peace as long as he didn't cause any trouble, and Will was hoping tonight would be no exception as he lost himself in the piece he was drawing which was something different to what he usually drew. It was of the GM using Sadik for a chair. He normally sat on either Sadik or one of the other larger inmates because he claimed everyone else was too bony for his liking.

For some reason Will was no longer able to remember things from outside of Lockdown and the GM's house and include them in his drawings so now his art was mainly of Lockdown and the people who had been brought here by the GM. He wondered if he'd been kept prisoner by the GM for far too long since his memories of the outside world and his life before Lockdown were starting to fade away.

"William." The GM's voice cut through his thoughts and brought him back down to Earth. "Show me what you're drawing."

This was one of the things Will both liked and dreaded. If the GM approved of the drawing he'd tell Will to put it on the fridge, and the drawing would stick around for a while. If the GM disapproved the drawing would be destroyed either by the GM himself or he'd order one of the other inmates to do it. He went over to the GM and handed over the drawing. The GM maintained his usual grumpy expression as he looked it over. Sadik did something rather unchair-like and looked over the GM's shoulder.

"He's done a pretty good job, huh, Gizem." Sadik said. A moment later the GM began ripping up the drawing, and threw the pieces at Will like they were confetti. Although Will was disappointed at losing his picture he refused to let the GM see any of that on his face.

"What made you think drawing me was a good idea, William?" The GM's tone was calm. Far too calm.

"The light was perfect and the two of you looked good." Will said. He wasn't sure what the GM was playing at tonight, and he didn't plan to take any noticeable bait.

"That's all it was?" The GM still sounded too calm.

"That's all." Will said.

"So artists draw what they see?" The GM said and Will had no choice but to nod. He had a feeling he knew where this was going, and he didn't like it one bit. "Then what happens when an artist can't see?"

The GM whipped out the remote, and a moment later the entire room disappeared from view. Will refused to panic and remained standing in the same spot. Usually these kinds of tricks on the GM's part were temporary so he waited for the moment where his vision would be restored again, but it didn't seem to be happening.

"Matthew, William is blocking my view of the room. Make him move." The GM said, and a few seconds later Will felt an arm wrap around his own.

"Let's go over here, eh?" Matt said and led Will away from the GM. Over time Will and Matt had developed a friendship of sorts, and both of them were two of the few more sensible people in the place. They also got along well with Sadik, and with Arthur. Like the rest of them Arthur had been stuck in here for years, but he still believed with all of his heart that someday he would be free and be able to see his son again. Will envied him for having a better reason than him to keep fighting and surviving, but he also hoped Arthur would get his wish someday. Matt guided him to a chair at the table in one corner of the living room.

"Will, would you like some tea?" Arthur said, and Will nodded. Anything to take my mind off of the current situation, he thought to himself, and listened to Arthur carefully to find out where his teacup was before starting to drink. Suddenly his vision came back as he was drinking his tea, and he tried not to let the shock from that make him spill his tea.

"In future, William, I'd appreciate it if you didn't draw me without my permission." He could feel the GM's glare even though his back was to the GM. He was tempted to talk back at him, but he didn't want to go blind again this soon. "Or I might let you stumble around blind permanently for my own amusement. We wouldn't want that to happen, hm?"

Anything else?: The RP sample turned into an AU fic based on a past RP so Will is the only character who's mine, and I hope I didn't stuff up anyone else's characters. ^^; Last time I was here I was experiencing RP burnout, and hopefully it won't happen again this time! c:

MSN account: jencatd[at]
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Kiku Honda

Kiku Honda

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PostSubject: Re: New Zealand   New Zealand I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 05, 2011 11:55 pm

Just wanted to say that you've been accepted as our lovely William Anderson/New Zealand~! *throws confetti*

Make sure you post your MSN in the New MSN chat post, and start workin' on those profiles~

(If you want some of your old profiles back to use, feel free to copy/paste from them. I've just moved them to the archives <3)
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