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 Make way for your King

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PostSubject: Make way for your King   Make way for your King I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 01, 2011 6:49 am

Character Name: Francis Bonnefoy

Age: 22

Appearance: (Wanted to get this up before I found the picture)

Class: Royalty - King

Sexuality: Homosexual (but none in his court know of this)

Personality: Being the second born in his family, Francis is less picky on his company than any of the other French royals. He was used to getting little to no attention from his parents, and learnt to make conversation with anyone that gave him the time of day, namely his servants. So while he can be stuck up and think he's better than everyone else, he does know when to give someone the time of day. Though nowadays he doesn't talk to just any peasant on the street, mostly out of concern in that someone in his country will take something out of it as a reason to revolt.

He can get a bit touchy on the topic of not always knowing what to do. Never being trained to rule a kingdom, most diplomatic work and common resolutions of issues of his country were things he had to learn last minute. So while he does depend on a lot of his information being given to him by his advisers, he doesn't like it being brought up around other nobles. Especially foreign ones.

However, for his lack of political skills, he spent more time with language and fencing lessons, easily out-doing his brother in both. Spending nearly all of his childhood watching the servants work and speaking to them, he was taught very odd skills for a king to know, most of them dealing with how to take care of himself. Though he rarely does use these skills regularly, he does enjoy being able to sometimes sneak off and make his own snack or tailoring his own clothes after an accidental rip without anyone ever needing to find out about such things. It does give him an edge on what he wants to do something in private and not have his servants around bringing attention to it.

He loves to listen and see beautiful creations, especially done by a master at their work. Though he does know how to sing - and tends to do so regularly to keep his voice in tune - he was never taught how to play an instrument. So anyone who is skilled at it fascinates him. As for art, again it was not something he was ever taught how to do, so seeing someone create a beautiful piece of artwork intrigues him just as much. They're two things that easily distract him from his work, as much as it annoys his advisers for what they see as a "vague" interest.

Background: Born into the royal family of his current kingdom, Francis had been the second son, with his older brother being originally heir to the throne. While being born second meant he got less lessons and privileges as his brother, he also had more freedom to do what he wanted. When he wanted to go out of the castle he could, while his brother got hassled for "the heir must be safe". After he was done from his studies he was always finished for the day, yet when his brother was finished they'd only give him more work to do. During training, he only had to worry about fencing, but his brother also had to learn every position in the army, and all the different orders that came with commanding it.

He easily had much less pressure than his brother, though he also had less attention from his parents. It used to bother him when he was younger, but he grew out of wanting their attention and now hardly cares of his father's opinion. Most of his companionship came from the servants and teachers he had, and to this day he still rather listen to their advice than have to speak with his father about anything.

His brother had only been five years older than him and had taken over as king when he was 16, a year after his marriage and first child. Since then, their parents finally decided to arrange marriages for Francis. However, he's always refused every girl they've tried to set him up with. At the time when he wasn't expecting he'd ever have to run a kingdom, he didn't think there was any need for him to marry and reproduce for an heir so he didn't care for marriage. Though he may flirt and try to seem charming to the females he speaks with, he's not very attracted to them. Since he first started to think of romance and sex regularly, he always rather the beauty of the naked male body. This is something he's never admitted, knowing well how unsuitable it is for a man to love males instead of females.

By 19, it had been the first time he was able to participate in stopping a revolution. Unfortunately for him, the country he lives in is prone to revolting, every few years a new group of rebels taking the front of it all. They never could quite knock out the leader of all this. The revolutionists managed to get into the castle, dragging the royal family into the fight. In it, his brother had been killed, and with his brother's only heirs being two very young girls, Francis became king and had his army through the end of the revolution.

While him becoming king wasn't planned, and needed no marriage to approve of it, his advisers now do everything they can to get him wed. He's been set up to meet countless of many suitors, but never once agreeing to the marriage. Currently, he attempts to find a way to get an heir without having to marry at all.
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PostSubject: Re: Make way for your King   Make way for your King I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 05, 2011 3:43 pm

*squishuggles* ilu Fraaaaancis~! <3 *also loves this profile, right here~*
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Make way for your King
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