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 William Green

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PostSubject: William Green   Sun Jul 24, 2011 5:39 pm

Character Name: William Green

X-Men / Brotherhood Code Name: Doesn't have one.

Age: 25


Mutant Abilities: William can manipulate sound. He can imitate any sound or voice he hears; do sonic blasts; make sounds louder, quieter, or distorted; use sound to break things; and can remove sound from a room so it's silent. If there are other things his powers can do he hasn't discovered them yet, and possibly never will. His hearing is also very sensitive, and before he learned how to make sounds quieter even the smallest noises gave him headaches after a while. Being sick enough to lose his voice does affect his abilities, but he's been lucky not to get that sick for a while now.

X-Men or Brotherhood: Neutral as no one's asked him to choose a side, and his bar is also neutral territory.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: (Copy-paste. ^^; )
William is a confident, friendly and very easy-going person who tries not to worry about things, and believes everything will work out in the end. He has a good sense of humour and likes to have a laugh with the people he cares about even if some of the joking is at his own expense sometimes. If he considers you his friend you’ve got his loyalty (even more so if he considers you close enough to be family) unless you do something that’s completely unforgiveable, and he’ll be there for you if you need help. He’s very willing to help out anyone, but rarely asks for help even if he needs it as he sees doing so as a sign of weakness. It isn’t, of course, but good luck trying to tell him that.

He has a temper that he keeps under control most of the time, and it takes a fair bit of provocation for him to lose it. He also has a stubborn streak along with a tendency to be blunt which doesn’t help when he does lose his temper. He can be agreeable too but only to a point as he doesn’t want anyone to think he’s a pushover. He tries to avoid arguments if he can help it, but if it’s about something that’s important to him he’ll argue the point for as long as it takes. William can be quite competitive too, and gives it his all at work and when he’s playing sport.

Background: William was born on February 6th 1986, and first discovered he could do things other people couldn't when he was four. He was playing Hospital with some of the other kids at preschool, and was the ambulance driver so he was making siren noises while "driving" around. After he started making siren noises a teacher got the kids to stop playing and go inside because she thought there was a real ambulance coming to the school. The teacher was understandably confused when no ambulance materialised, but no one worked out that William was making the siren noise.

As William got older his mutant abilities began to manifest more fully, but his abilities soon started to cause him problems. Every little noise anyone or anything made sounded incredibly loud to him, and he couldn't block them out at all. He couldn't concentrate in the classroom or at home, and started having horrible headaches as well. Once he learned that his voice could imitate any sound he ever heard he used it to his advantage like calling in sick using his Mother's voice when he felt he couldn't handle going to school, or pretending to be his parents so he could get out of school early if he got another headache. His parents didn't know about how often William used his powers to skip school until he was 13, and he hadn't managed to beat his parents home to retrieve the latest letter from the school regarding his poor attendance record.

His parents confronted him as soon as he got home about not going to school, and although they didn't raise their voices at first William immediately covered his ears because even their normal voice level was too loud for him. He didn't even get a chance to explain himself because his parents started yelling at him which hurt his ears even more. Thinking he was trying to ignore them; his Dad removed one of his hands and yelled directly in his ear, and that was the point where William lost his temper. He yelled at his Dad to shut up, and sent him flying across the room. Then he kept yelling at his parents until he realised all the furniture and the windows in the room were destroyed, his Mother was scared, and he heard his Dad telling him to leave and not come back.

William ran away after that. He didn't know where he was going, but he didn't care as long as he didn't have to yell like that at anyone again. He soon worked out the best time to travel was at night when there was less noises to put up with, and a few weeks later he found himself in another city. He was feeling completely exhausted and hungry as he ducked into an alley to avoid being noticed by cops, and collapsed a few moments later. When he came to he found himself in a bed, and wondered who it belonged to, An old man entered the room, and after hearing William's story he insisted on letting him stay and earn his keep.

It turned out the old man owned a bar, and over the next few years William learned how to control his abilities and use them to help the old man run the bar. When William was 22 he went to wake the old man one morning, and found that he'd died overnight. The old man had changed his will, and left everything to William including the bar. William started running the bar, and soon word spread among the mutant community that they were welcome there, and that it was a neutral place where they could meet and have a drink without worrying about what side each other was on.
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William Green
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