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PostSubject: ROMANIA APP   Thu Jul 21, 2011 6:27 pm

Human name: Nicolae Emilian Zaituc

Country's name: Romania

Personality section: Not a young nation by any means, Nicolae remains highly superstitious and drowns himself in magic and the supernatural to find ways to protect his people...from himself. At first he was a bit discouraged by the fact that he was the origin of vampirism in Europe, but now he faces it as a challenge: How to keep his people safe of vampirism and werewolves while keeping himself as he is.

While Nico may seem shy at first, it's mostly his distrust of others that keeps him quiet and closed off from the rest of the continent (his amusing jaunts to Hungary, Switzerland, and Austria notwithstanding). In spite of his love of playing pranks and casting (overall) harmless spells on his neighbors (and his dislike of the gypsies on his front lawn, despite not making them leave), Nico is in fact a rather caring individual under the right circumstances. Keep him within his safety net and he will open up much quicker than if dragged to a massive World Meeting in another country.

As with most nations, there is an unfortunate twist in his personality. Although he is a rather kind person on the whole, Nicolae is also known for significant acts of violence and envoking terror on surrounding nations, as well as his own. When pushed past his limits, he can be exceedingly cruel, and he is well known to enjoy it.

One of his favorite people is Vlad Dracul, after all.

He is reluctant to love due to his odd condition. People are generally afraid of him (or at least a little creeped out).

Roleplay sample:
Nicolae sat on his balcony, sunglasses on, watching the sun set on the horizon. He wasn't a typical "vampire" by any means; the sun wouldn't kill him, but it was certainly unpleasant and severely hurt his eyes and skin after around fifteen minutes of direct exposure. He'd tried it once a hundred years before and decided "never again!" soon after. Flipping a random tarot card he'd pulled from the deck on the little table next to him between his fingers, he couldn't help but winder precisely when his condition worsened; he certainly hadn't been born that way.

"Acest lucru este atât de plictisitoare," he mumbled. "There must be something out there to amuse me..." Flipping the card over to see the face, he simply grinned: The Priestess. "Perhaps I should pay Elizaveta another visit? God only knows how bored she must be~"

Tucking the card, as well as the rest of the deck, into his coat pocket, Nicolae stood from the plush antique chair and melted into shadow, rapidly traversing his territory toward the Hungarian border. In this form, he twisted and merged with the shadows of trees and wildlife and stone, feeling one with his home soil, content and happy. It never lasted, though. He could never hold the form for long, forced to walk the remaining distance to Budapest. Reforming and readjusting his sunglasses and his coat, Nicolae allowed himself into Elizaveta's home; she had granted him entrance once and had never quite revoked her permission correctly. Lucky her, as she was now subject to his marvellous company whenever he wished.

It didn't take much to creep up behind her, barely a breath away before she finally noticed and took a swing at him with her beloved frying pan. Nicolae only chuckled, vanished, and reappeared out of arm - and pan's reach.

"Buna ziua, dragă," he said with a smile. "It's been a while..."

Anything else?: While I'm alright with RPing smut and violence (I do love my violence...*horror movie and video game buff*), I do have my limits. I will not RP rape or pedophilia, nor will I involve myself in story arcs in which these subjects are prevalent. I also have limits when it comes to violence in the form of torture and bondage; some bondage is okay (Dom/sub and light bondage) but I will not participate in hard bondage or bizarre kinks. (Honestly, I wouldn't even bring any of it up but I ended up in some rather freaky Hetalia RPs in the past and I don't want that happening again.)

I also am fairly restricted to posting from my cellphone for a while, so I will be active but a bit slow here and there. I'm almost 27, love languages and foriegn cultures, and deep grey-blues.

MSN account:

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PostSubject: Re: ROMANIA APP   Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:47 pm

My apologies for taking so long to get back to you, but the good news is you've been accepted! I can't wait to see you rping with us~
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