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 Icelandic Fever

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PostSubject: Icelandic Fever   Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:51 am

Character Name: Birkir Arason

X-Men / Brotherhood Code Name: Hiti (Fever)

Age: 17


Mutant Abilities:

Birkir has the ability to change his own body temperature. His name, Fever, refers to the fact that if it becomes too hot, his body becomes just as hot, while he feels as if he is freezing. If it is cold, his body feels warm to him, while it is cool to the touch of any other person. If he changes his temperature to an extreme, he can somewhat cause a temperature ripple in the areas close to him. He is also starting to figure out how to use contact to change the body temperature of those he can touch.

X-Men or Brotherhood: X-Men

Sexuality: Undefined


Birkir is quiet and a little bit of a loner. He does not get close to people, but that's more because he's afraid of their reactions to his mutation. He shies away from physical contact due to the fact that he is afraid of harming others due to his strange body tenperature. He is also very stubborn, very easily irritated, and has no patience for loud and obnoxious people. He can be very, very blunt sometimes.


Birkir lived in an Icelandic children's shelter due to being abandoned as a young child. He has memories of an older brother, but he does not remember any details as to what their relationship was. He was picked up by Xavier just when the head of the children's home was about to throw him out after discovering his powers, and was brought to the institution. He is generally very quiet and prefers to stay to himself, so many of the people in the academy don't actually know of his existence.
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Icelandic Fever
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