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 That staring regular you might remember

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PostSubject: That staring regular you might remember   Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:32 am

Here's what you must post in the Character Database Topic:

Character Name: Berwald Oxenstierna

Age: 21


(Please see guy on the left)

What are you doing at this place? Customer or club employee and if so, what type of job do you have in the club?:
Berwald was what could be called a regular. He was always sitting in the same place, staring at the Danish bartender in a not so subtle way. He had ended up in there during one of his depressed moments and then got stuck.

Sexuality: As gay as they come.

Personality: Berwald always seems cold and stoic to the onlooker, mostly because he hides his social awkwardness behind a glare of stone. Few things deserve a change in his facial expression. Despite this he's actually a very caring person who most of all wants a peaceful family life and someone to take care of. He doesn't speak much, and when he does it's more mumbling than speaking, but the ones that do get him to parttake in conversation often notice he does know a lot of things.
One of his passions in life is building things, almost anything. Most of the furniture in his apartment is handmade and decorated with small details. Generally, when Berwald makes something, he makes it with love.

Background: Berwald originally comesa from Sweden where his family still lives. He's got relatives all around the Nordic countries but he himself was nos situated in France. This is where his au pair year after finishing the Gymnasium had brought him. When he found love in a little younger Finnish boy who'd lived there for most of his life and got an apprenticeship with a small shop making and selling antique style-furniture he decided to stay. The Finn, Tino, disappeared out of his life after a while, leaving a huge hole behind in Berwald's chest. It felt like it could never be fixed. But somehow, despite the old man offering him the possibility of breaking the contract and just returning to Sweden he decided to stay.
So one day when the depression felt worse than ever he walked into the first club he saw. It happened to be a strip club and it also happened to be where he set eyes on a certain bartender. So, from that one night when his eyes never left the man behind the bar desk he kept returning. Night after night. Until things finally changed and they made contact. So, then it happened that after a few magical moments Søren was not going home. Berwald had found his happiness again. (?)
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That staring regular you might remember
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