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 Drinks are on you.

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PostSubject: Drinks are on you.   Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:30 am

Character Name: Søren Andersen

Age: 22


What are you doing at this place? Customer or club employee and if so, what type of job do you have in the club?:
Søren is the head barman at the club. He serves drinks and doesn't afraid of anything (but Russia and England).

Sexuality: He thought he was straight for a while until he realised women don't like to deal with his crap.

Personality: Obnoxious and oblivious. He's a traveller and very flighty, finds it hard to become attached to people. He likes to joke around and make people smile and he's a crowd pleaser.

Background: He's been a traveller for many years, he dislike his family and found the town he lived in to be boring. Since he was 17 he has been catching trains and buses and boats around Europe meeting people and picking up odd jobs for a short amount of time, making many friends but never having a strong enough bond to care about whether her left or not.
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Drinks are on you.
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