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 Belgium App

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PostSubject: Belgium App    Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:27 am

Human name: Emma Vermuelen

Country's name: Belgium

Personality section: Belgium is a cheerful and rather loving nation. Who enjoys baking sweets and cakes. Producing beer and making food for everyone to enjoy. She is know for being one of the best producers of chocolate with high competition from the Swiss. She is often a big sister type to many of the younger European nations and is highly protective of them. She is never afraid to speak what is on her mind. Though for reason unknown she and her brother have never had much in common which has caused her to develop a tendency to avoid spending time with him. She enjoys the company of Spain, France and Romano and loves teasing Switzerland with there friendly competition over who is the best chocolate maker. Belgium holds a soft spot for cats in her heart and is easily won over by there cuteness.

Though it can be seen as confusing to most she is very organized with a very complex but balanced government. She likes to please everyone so if it has to be complicated to be so, then so it has to be. She like most girls loves to go shopping and with someone who has a good sense of fashion even better. It’s not hard to please her and spending time with her will generally be fun. She always likes a day filled with activities and rarely has a day of doing nothing. Often getting mad at herself if she is not outside doing something by 9 am. She loves companionship even if its just for doing some light chores round her garden.

Roleplay sample: The shrill ringing of an alarm clock caused Emma to stir in her bed. Though she had not been dreaming she was enjoying the blissful darkness of sleep. Reaching out for the alarm clock she clicked it to silence then slowly sat up. Though she would of loved to stay in bed there was to much to be done then waste it away in the warm bed sheets. Slowly daring to place her toes onto the plush carpet below she stepped out of bed heading down the hall to her bathroom. A mewl stopped her as she turned and smiled facing the cat that was lounging in the window. Scratching it’s ear she smiled fondly at it. “Hush now sweetness.” She whispered softly, though her voice was labored from sleep it still soothed the cat which now purred like a steam train leaning into the touch. “I will feed you soon.” She said before heading into her bathroom to do the usual activities of morning washing and showering.

An hour later she was in the kitchen now wash and dressed ready for the day. Wearing a lovely summer dress that Francis had picked out for her once out shopping she couldn’t help but feel excited for the day as she refilled the cat water bowl with fresh clean water. Once the cat was fed and watered she turned to feeding herself. Deciding today she would have waffles with blueberries and cream she set to work on the batter whilst pondering on what to do for the day. Maybe she would take breakfast over to her brother. The taught trail came to a screeching halt there as she pulled a face. Maybe not the voice in the back of her head reminded her. Meetings with her brother were never easy and rarely went smoothly. She considered who else she could spend the day with. Suddenly an idea came to mind. Francis might like to spend a day out shopping and gossiping. Surely he would like to see how the dress looked on her. She quickly finished the waffles and packed them up in a basket. She gave the house a final look over before making her way out the door.

Anything else?: Blue. No, yel...-Catapulted into the abyss below- auuuuuuuugh

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PostSubject: Re: Belgium App    Thu Jul 14, 2011 1:44 am

All ready. I think...
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PostSubject: Re: Belgium App    Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:10 am

Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference, niiiice.
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PostSubject: Re: Belgium App    Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:27 pm

Sorry for the ridiculously long wait, Bel, but we can't allow you to join us again. After what happened in the past, it wouldn't be prudent of me to allow it. Once again, I'm sorry for taking this long to give you an answer, but thank you for your patience.
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PostSubject: Re: Belgium App    

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Belgium App
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