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 Birkir the White

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PostSubject: Birkir the White   Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:25 am

Character Name: Birkir

Age: 18


His wolf fur is pure white, and he is very small. He has often been mistaken for a fox due to his tiny stature.

Species: Werewolf

Sexuality: Unknown


Birkir is very aloof and closed off to people he does not know, but he will become very attached to people he does. He does not like to admit weakness, which can become a very big issue when he needs help and refuses to ask for it. He has a lot of pride, so he would rather starve than ask for handouts. He is also generally very quiet and cynical, and will say very blunt, to-the-point things without regard to others' feelings. He does not mean to be rude, but he does not really care enough about friendship to purposefully try to be nice. Because of this, he can be hard to be around or deal with, especially since he is horribly stubborn and is not a big fan of authority figures.


Birkir was orphaned at a very young age, his parents killed in the middle of a fight between vampires and werewolves. One of the wolves was actually a den mother, and she had lost her cubs to war at a very early age. Due to being lonely, and due to her caregiving nature, the wolf picked up Birkir before he died and turned him in order to keep him alive in the icy wilderness of the Nordic country he lived in.

Birkir lived with what was left of the wolf pack after the fight, traveling with them until he decided that he would rather break off on his own than deal with the in-fighting that was going on. He has since then kept to the streets and forests, prefering to keep to himself than actually join another pack.
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Birkir the White
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