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 William Green - New Zealand

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PostSubject: William Green - New Zealand   Tue Jul 05, 2011 4:50 am

Human name: William Green

Country's name: New Zealand (Aotearoa)

Personality section: William is a confident, friendly and very easy-going person who tries not to worry about things, and believes everything will work out in the end. He has a good sense of humour and likes to have a laugh with the people he cares about even if some of the joking is at his own expense sometimes. If he considers you his friend you’ve got his loyalty (even more so if he considers you close enough to be family) unless you do something that’s completely unforgiveable, and he’ll be there for you if you need help. He’s very willing to help out anyone, but rarely asks for help even if he needs it as he sees doing so as a sign of weakness. It isn’t, of course, but good luck trying to tell him that.

He has a temper that he keeps under control most of the time, and it takes a fair bit of provocation for him to lose it. He also has a stubborn streak along with a tendency to be blunt which doesn’t help when he does lose his temper. He can be agreeable too but only to a point as he doesn’t want anyone to think he’s a pushover. He tries to avoid arguments if he can help it, but if it’s about something that’s important to him he’ll argue the point for as long as it takes. William can be quite competitive too, and gives it his all at work and when he’s playing sport.

Roleplay sample:
“Will! I need your help over at my place!” His neighbour’s voice came through loud and clear through Will's cordless phone. “Can you help me burn off the gorse in the back paddock?”

“What, again?” Will put down the basket of laundry he was holding, and shifted the cordless phone to a more comfortable position than between his head and shoulder. “We just burnt off all of that gorse from the back paddock yesterday, bro! It shouldn’t have grown back overnight!”

“I know, but it has!” His neighbour said, and Will sighed.

"Let me guess. Some idiot didn't pray to the gods like the rest of us?" Will said. Not praying to the gods ruins jobs like this one and wastes everyone's time.

"Nope, and I have dibs on hitting the idiot when we figure out who it was." His neighbour said. "So, can you help with the job today?"

"Yeah, sure," Will said. He had plenty to do on his own farm of course, but if someone needed help he was willing to go help them. "But everyone had better pray to the gods this time. I am NOT doing this job more than twice! See ya soon.”

This is the problem with the ancient gods still being here, Will thought to himself as he hung out the laundry. On one hand it was awesome to have them there, but there was always the risk of some idiot ruining everything and causing more work for everyone else. He had been taught from childhood by his Dad: respect the gods, ask for their blessing before chopping down a tree or going fishing, and leave offerings for the taniwha in the river behind their property. Will had listened and obeyed all of these lessons to the letter even though some of his brothers did not.

He took the empty laundry basket back inside, and got ready to go help his neighbour. "I didn’t want to do this job a second time," Will thought to himself as he put on a swanndri he pulled out of a basket of clean clothes. "But thanks to some idiot I have to." How would everyone even know if the wind is right today, let alone if it’d stay right long enough to do the job? He picked up the keys for the ute, and smiled. He knew one thing about today. Everyone on this job was going to pray to the gods for permission to do it even if he had to force them to kneel and pray properly. He was NOT going to spend a third afternoon doing a one afternoon job!

Anything else?: Blue
This place sounds really interesting, and I look forward to RPing with you all! ^_^

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PostSubject: Re: William Green - New Zealand   Tue Jul 05, 2011 5:13 am

Well hello, there, and welcome! I've gone over your app, and that was very good! :3 Your writing is very good, and I like how well the RP sample demonstrates what you describe in the personality section. //_^ We'll have you added to the chat soon, and look forward to playing with you!
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William Green - New Zealand
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