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 Yakuza Kiku Honda

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Kiku Honda


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PostSubject: Yakuza Kiku Honda   Sat Jun 25, 2011 3:14 pm

Character Name: The name’s Kiku Honda, at your service…or maybe not.

Age: 19


Yep, that’s a tattoo. Did you know that the Yakuza get their ink done by hand? That’s right, no fancy electric needles for us~

Position/Job (what do you do? i.e. assassin, crime boss, etc.): Well, as my title suggests, I’m a Yakuza man. As for what that involves, well, let’s just say we’re known as a semi-legal organization. Sometimes, we’re even faster than the local law. I don’t recommend getting on our bad side, even if you’re not from our neck of the woods~

As for the people I work for or what else I do, that’s classified~

Sexuality: I swing whatever way I want to~

Personality: Well now aren’t you nosy!

Don’t worry about it, it doesn’t bother me. But you won’t get much out of me, I’m afraid~

But just for shits and giggles, here’s a little…a teaser, if you will.

I’m certainly not sarcastic, in case you were wondering. I also clearly don’t enjoy pranks or harmless fun, though get on my bad side and you’ll probably regret it. Probably. Other than that I’m pretty laid back, which makes my job extremely easy. I’m a natural at mingling with people, even the people that ‘naturally’ distrust me. I can be your best friend, or your worst enemy…that is of course, up to you. I’m not the type to neither want nor need to do ‘whatever it takes’ to get what I need to done. Nope. Things just sort of fall into place for me…so you might call me lucky or something. Don’t underestimate me; I’m actually a lot better than just lucky.

Background: Although most of that information is classified and locked somewhere where you’ll never think to look, I’ll share a little about myself. Besides, I enjoy sharing, even if it’ll do you no good. It’s nice to have a written record of useless information, especially if it’s useless information spread about by yours truly~

I’ve been in the Yakuza business as long as I can remember, though I have no idea if I was born into it or not. Probably, since it usually takes awhile to move up in ranks unless you’re well known or come from a prestigious family. Yeah, as far as I know I wasn’t any of those things, but as you can see, I’m one of the best in the business. I mean, seriously…just look at my tattoo! You don’t get ink like that unless you’ve done some serious shit. Oh yeah…that and my sword. I got my katana from my boss for doing something amazing for the Yakuza. What did I do? Well, I’m getting to that.

So the Yakuza life is all I’ve known. The bosses realized I’m a natural with people, sarcastic and cheeky but hey, everyone’s got their quirks right? They raised me to be smart, and I raised myself to be a smartass. Believe me, both have saved me AND my ass quite a few times. The bosses thought me a cocky kid, but really, I was just always better at playing the game than they were. That’s kinda important, considering my life’s all about playing the game better than someone else. If you don’t, you’ll end up dead, y’know? I’m an observant person and good at dictating the flow of information, as you can probably see by the way this bit of background is turning out.

Eventually though, my bosses stopped playing the game well, and nearly got our group wiped out. I happened to be away on business, but things resolved themselves for the better in the end. The tension in our group is nearly gone. I’m telling you because I know you’re wondering…probably looking for some weakness to try to pry us apart. Well, here you go. It’s right here, in black and white.

I’m currently doing what I do best…mingling with people, gathering blackmail, keeping the law better than the law…you know, Yakuza stuff. I’m still as observant and sarcastic as ever, but wouldn’t you be too if you knew you could act faster and better than the local law? Yeah, that’s right…we’re still even better than the law. Mull over that while you’re enjoying our entertainment and vacation spots~

((I might edit this later to add more to it...maybe XD))
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Yakuza Kiku Honda
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