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 I'll go by Francis Bonnefoy

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PostSubject: I'll go by Francis Bonnefoy   I'll go by Francis Bonnefoy I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 14, 2011 4:10 pm

I'll go by Francis Bonnefoy 2ns5p2o

Character Name: Francis Bonnefoy

Age: Somewhere around 30

Class: Captain

Ship: Le Bijou de Diable

Sexuality: Pansexual, it usually depends on what he feels like fucking at the time.

Personality: WIP
Having a reputation as a mysterious pirate, Francis likes to keep a lot of details about himself private. He’ll lie about anything if he doesn’t feel like sharing that information, such as something as simple as his own name. It’s possible for someone to be on his ship for years and still not know what his real name is. Only those he feels like he can trust will ever get an honest answer from him.

He seems friendly at first, which makes it easier for him to get away with his lies and tricks. Even when he has no reason he usually tries to be charming. Though

As a pirate who has stolen someone's identity, Francis can be very touchy on the topic of his history, or when he's run into anyone who finds him "familiar". He tries to keep a low profile for himself, not wanting to be recognised or found by a certain someone while he's still recovering and without a crew to fight with him. If he can, he'll kill anyone who even hints to knowing he's not who he's pretending to be, having an especial fondness of slitting the throat, beheading or strangling someone.

Outside of that fear, he's laid back. Not taking any interest to any of the current crews he runs into, only now trying to play it safe until he can get what he wants. He's not bound by loyalty to anyone, so for him it doesn't matter who he's with as long as it gets him a place to rest and recover from his injuries. Although he does have quite a bit of experience on the ship, he likes to feint knowing less than he does. After all, the man he's pretending to be doesn't have that much experience and knowledge of the piracy in this section. It'd be much too suspicious if he were to mention that much.

While he isn't too picky of the company he's with, he does have a particular distrust of those who are British or Spanish from his experience with those sort of pirates. Something that makes it very difficult to get close to the Spanish captain that has confused him for a friend - Francis can't help but expect the worst if he's found out for lying. However, he'd rather do what he can to live for now. He has revenge planned out, which he knows won't be possible for some years now. So for now his shifty and cunning side is what he relies on the most, more than accustomed to surviving when running on nothing and avoiding unwanted attention.

Background: A dead man tells no tales.




It only starts as back as his first pirating career in France. Francis's childhood had been quite a rough one, but due to unmentionable circumstances, he had been working on a ship since he was a dead man tells no tales. He was only a cabin boy then, too young to even stand toe to toe with any of the number of pirates he'd seen while aboard. It certainly wasn't a good life, only doing menial chores for such messy pirates, but working on a dead man tells no tales was considerably better than the treatment he'd expected from other ships.

He had eventually grown out of his cabin boy status, finally old enough to be part of the crew. Fencing was one of his stronger points, and something he had picked up on quickly. Yet, he rarely went head first into battle, he had a preference for killing as many as he could while they were distracted. In the long run, it save him pointless injuries and even death of fellow crew mates. Too many pirates only thought of fighting up front, using power rather than technique. His captain always told him that one well-aimed stab was better than slashing carelessly numerous of times. Something that he paid attention to, keeping him alive long enough to get through the ranks.

After one particular plunder, and a dead man tells no tales, he was found aboard another ship. As a prisoner, his old captain had been killed, giving Francis no reason to try to return to their old ship. Instead he tried to bargin with the pirates to allow him to live and drop him off at the next port they'd stopped at. Unlike the other prisoners who were killed, he had been picked up by accident, dressed up as a dead man tells no tales. None of them could figure him out as a pirate, and unlike other French pirates, he was considered multi-lingual. They had an agreement to let him go, for a good price. However, when a rivaling ship appeared, and they saw Francis fight on their side, they decided to keep him on their crew. Something the Frenchman had been wary against doing, but knew better than to reject the offer.

Years later, during one of their fights against a naval ship the captain had suffered severe injury to his right arm - the arm he fought with. While they had just managed to get away, he had to cut his entire arm off, as there was no helping it on the sea. This had caused their captain incapable of sword fights and gun usage, something that even the rest of the crew knew would only drag them down. With much reluctancy, but with the entire crew's agreement, their captain had no choice but to step down and let a dead man tells no tales.

Only recently, one particular ship that they had a heated rivalry with got the better of this ship one day. They had been trailed without knowledge after raiding a nobleman's ship (one that seemed to be of the Bonnefoy family), killing off everyone on that ship and stealing the treasure on board. On their way a storm had forced them into a narrow course, between the banks of very rough terrain. A dead man tells no tales.

As far as he knows, the crew of the ship he was on were all dead. With nothing to his name other than a stolen trinket with the insigna of the Bonnefoy family as a safe-keep to prove his "fake" identity, he wanted to keep a low profile to avoid that last pirate coming after him to finish the job.

(( Sorry for the large amount of strike throughs and missing bits of sentences. But how I see it, my current Francis is trying to hide who he is, so in that sense, you don't get to know much about him, because your characters don't actually know him! I will add more as the RP progresses and things about his identity and history gets slowly revealed. ))
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I'll go by Francis Bonnefoy
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