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 If it can be designed awesome me can make it!

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PostSubject: If it can be designed awesome me can make it!   Tue Jun 14, 2011 10:29 am

Character Name: Gilbert Weillschmidt

Age: 23

Appearance: (pic to come )

Sexuality: Gay

Personality: Gilbert is confident and cocky and always up for a challenge. He will not stand and let you mock his creations. He is loyal and adamant. He often gets very caught up in projects. He often will not take on projects unless the are interesting. He likes to pull pranks and loves to tease Ludwig in a playful manner.

Background: Gilbert always liked to pull things apart and see how they worked, he also loved to see how much it took to blow things up. And decided at a young age he was going to be a weapons designer. Being short on cash he studied to be an engineer to pay the bills and now is now having enough time and money to start doing more custom designs. Gilbert and runs and owns his own business with his step brother Ludwig. Gilbert never had a lot of money so he had to rely on his skills to pay the bills. He made sure his step brother had enough money to pay for his schooling. He is actually a very gifted engineer but always seems to be wanting to make weapons instead often trying to outfit his younger step brothers inventions out with explosives and hidden weapons.
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If it can be designed awesome me can make it!
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