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 Gym Leader Arthur Kirkland

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PostSubject: Gym Leader Arthur Kirkland   Tue Jun 14, 2011 10:05 am

Character Name: Arthur Kirkland

Age: 19


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What are you doing here: Gym Leader

Sexuality: Gay

Personality: A proud young man he loves a challenge. Arthur loves cute things and get very irritated when people mock them. He also doesn’t like people rushing him when he is conducting his gym battles.

Background: Arthur took up the mantle of Gym Leader from his father, who retired to become a teacher at a Pokémon training institute.
He loves being a pokémon Gym leader as it gives him a chance to experience many different kinds of battles without having to leave his hometown. His most favoured pokémon is a Shiny Minun which he came across when he as a child that had been attacked by a pack of Pochyena.
His Gym battles run three on three where he uses his Clafable, and Azumaril and depending on the battle one of his three Star Pokémon, which he raised for the sole reason to be the main challenge of the gym.

He very rarely uses his Minun in battle, she is generally just around as his companion.

When Arthur isn't trying to thwart up and coming trainers he spends his time breeding and raising Fairy Egg Pokemon.

Click here for his Pokemon line up
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Gym Leader Arthur Kirkland
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