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 The awesome Gilbert

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PostSubject: The awesome Gilbert    Tue Jun 14, 2011 9:02 am

Here's the data you'll need to post here:

Character Name: Gilbert

Age: 16


What are you doing here (trainer, Gym Leader, Professor, etc.): trainer

Sexuality: Not sure

Personality: Gilbert has always been a pretty lonely kid. He does not know how to make friends and he tends to insult people without realizing it. But he is still very loyal, brave and determined. He tends to wear clothes matching his Absol.

Background: When Gilbert was younger he would often go for walks into the rugged terrain that surrounded his home. He had become attached to seeing an Absol, both of them enjoying the company since Gilbert was often alone for a lot of the time. One day when Gilbert was in danger from being attacked by wild pokemon, Absol used protect to shield him then fought them off. Gilbert then took the Absol to the pokemon centre to recover. Absol then decided that Gilbert needed to be protected and has not left his side since.

Gilbert refers to his pokemon as his family. He calls his Absol his brother.

Gilbert tends to get blamed for a lot of things and has a terrible reputation. He just tends to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He tends to like to be alone because of this but will sometimes enter competitions to fill his competitive spirit. Not really having a place to call home, he tends to travel from place to place.

Gilbert is not one to fuss about evolution. In fact he has had none of his pokemon evolve yet. Although his houndour is getting very close to evolving.

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The awesome Gilbert
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