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 Vash Zwingli, Gryffindor. Piss off... please.

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PostSubject: Vash Zwingli, Gryffindor. Piss off... please.   Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:56 am

Character Name: Vash Zwingli

Age: 15

Professor or Student: Student

Appearance: Still somewhat slender build with a fair amount of lean muscle, Vash is still rather short for his age at only 5'4" and every day hoping to wake up to a surprise groth spurt and fill in all the way. His messy blond hair is kept at about chin length and despite his best efforts almost never looks like it's been brushed. Eyes are a dark green with slight hints of blue and tend to almost stare through people intensely, with or without meaning to. Generally his looks frustrated with things, but that's typically because he's thinking (or over-thinking) about things

Blood (Muggle-born, Pure-blood, Squib, Half-blood, you can also have veela blood or other such things): Muggle born. If you have a problem with that, you may be introduced to his fist before you can get to your wand.

House: Much to everyone's surprise and debate, Gryffindor. Most students question the how and why of it until they get to know him a bit better.

Sexuality: Not entirely certain yet, but that's nobody's business but his own.

Personality: At first glance and going by rumors and his detention tally, Gryffindor is the last house that comes to mind. Second, third, and fourth glances as well. Generally he's seen as a pest, even though over the years he has learned to sit on his hands more than he used to and gets into fewer fights. Most students still tend to avoid him, and he's sort of fine with that and will tell you flat-out he'd rather be left alone and to leave him alone if they know what's good for them. Though he's getting better about not beating other students up for pissing him off, his mouth is still a large problem, the blond angry and sarcastic, working almost subconsciously to push people away, though he'll often regret the things he says later.

It really isn't until he lets you in enough to get to know him a bit better that he can be seen more for who he is. Vash is almost painfully shy and wary of people, typically only letting himself become close to a precious select few. But it's those few that couldn't want a better friend. He spends a lot of time thinking about useful and helpful applications for what he learns at Hogwarts, hoping to find some sort of balance with himself to coexist between two different worlds without having to choose. Vash spends even more time thinking about the people he cares about and misses, and tends to get homesick rather easily. He cares a lot more about his friends and family than he says or will let on, and has on more than one occasion put himself at risk for their sake, getting hurt several times and coming close to expulsion at least once.

Vash studies hard, hoping to come up with spells that make life for his muggle parents a bit easier, finding a knack for potions, herbology and defense classes, but a genuine talent for fixing things both with and without magic. For a long time the friends he had would come to him to fix everything from broken watches to broken hearts, Vash never saying anything about how busy he was and putting things aside to take care of whatever was being presented to him, or letting on how far out of his way he'll go to help.


Vash was born in Switzerland to muggle parents. While not the most well off, Vash's father did the best he could, working hard for the company and moving them to wherever the company needed him, often only staying in one place for a few years at a time before leaving. Because of constantly being the 'new boy' in a strange place, Vash began to pull inward from a young age, finding making friends rather difficult. He would have "happily" kept to himself until as he settled in another new town, one day after school he found another little boy being picked on and shoved around by bigger kids. When he showed no sign of defending himself, Vash stepped in, tiny as he was, hitting the oldest boy with a stick hard enough that he ran off crying. After helping the othe rlittle boy home, a pattern formed of Vash constantly waiting for him after school and helping him home, and periodically getting notes sent home and detentions because he'd beat up the bullies, never saying why or whom he was doing it for as he began to see the little boy as his best friend.
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Vash Zwingli, Gryffindor. Piss off... please.
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