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 Francis, Ravenclaw Charmer

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PostSubject: Francis, Ravenclaw Charmer   Francis, Ravenclaw Charmer I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 05, 2011 8:05 pm

Character Name: Francis Bonnefoy

Age: 17

Professor or Student: Student

Appearance: Meh I'll get to this later when I find the right pic.

Blood: Pure-blood

House: Ravenclaw

Sexuality: Heterosexual (At least he claims it)

Favourite Spell: Orchideous

Best Class: Potions

Defence Against the Dark Arts
Muggle Studies

Despite being put into Ravenclaw, Francis is not the typical studious student you'd expect from that house. He'd rather be out with friends than hitting the books, and regardless of how easy he may find a subject, he still hates homework just as much as any sane student would. However he's always done well in his classes, picking up things easily, and having a good range of knowledge in most topics. He also keeps his study habits to a schedule, because he really does not want his homework and assessments taking over his leisure time. And if you know better, you'd never get in the way of a French person's leisure time.

Sometimes he can be lazy, and isn't always up to the work he's given, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know what's going on or how to do his work. He can be stubborn or impatient with his workload though, which may cause him not wanting to do it until last minute. Also, he's considered a smooth-talker, getting people to do tasks for him that he wants to avoid. Francis is one of the more manipulative Ravenclaws out there, and he's not afraid to use his Prefect status to coerce younger students. Other than sometimes coming late to classes, he's never caused any real trouble for his teachers, so they've never assumed he would do anything too horrible. Which he normally wouldn't, unless he's provoked.

He's proud of his heritage, even if he has nothing against those muggleborn. Coming from the Bonnefoy bloodline of French wizards and witches, he has a lot of family members in high places, and is pushed to aim as high as they have. He honestly does hate the constant push to choose something worthy of their status, but as far as they know he hasn't decided on anything yet. He has some interest in working with magical comestics yet other than dabble in creating a few things he hasn't done much about getting into the business. Not that he thinks his family would think it's good enough for him.

Despite having a romanticised idea of love, even giving love advice to anyone who needs it, he doesn't have as much knowledge as he brags about. Especially when it comes to his own love life. While he has no problem with homosexuals he has some trouble with accepting that he has interests in males as well as females. He always usually around so many females and he's never shown any signs of attraction to males before, so he doesn't see how it's possible for him to be attracted to them now. There are times where he'll flirt and even check out other males but he'll usually brush it off as a joke. He's certainly not into males, no.

Background: WIP
Growing up from a rich and important wizarding family in France, Francis had an easy and luxurious lifestyle. Though his father was always busy travelling around to do business with other wizards, his mother was always around to raise him. Unlike his father, his mother was a very simple witch, coming from a poorer family (even if they were pure bloods for generations) so she knew the value of hard work, something she had attempted to teach Francis when young.

She used to take him with her on her odd jobs sometimes, letting him play with a various magical children of ancestry - pure-blood, half-blood, and muggle-born - and while his father was against Francis talking to anything less than a "proper" wizard, he'd never been around to install any of that prejudice into his son.

Once he was old enough to be schooled, and of some "use" to his father on his travels, every year or more, he'd be taken to another country, mainly across the channel to England, meeting the children of those prestige wizarding families while his father had business. Though while he got along with quite a few children there, he also had troubles getting along with others. Some had that prejudice of pure-bloods being better, and it was difficult for Francis to like them when they wouldn't give his muggle-born friends a chance.

His trips across the channel were how he learnt English, enough that he's fluent. Although as most French magical folk don't speak English, he denies knowing the language in front of them. It's not always considered a good thing to know the language, especially among some families. He speaks it well enough to not have a heavy accent, but after spending his time at home for the summer holidays, then returning back at Hogwarts he tends to have a typically heavy-set French when he speaks for not using his English at all, but it always fades after the first month, making him easier to understand from there on.

Studying at Beauxbatons
He was first admitted into Académie de Magie Beauxbâtons (Beauxbatons Academy of Magic), but only stayed there for the first year. While he loved being at that school, his father had insisted on the transfer, wanting his son to be further acquainted to the English wizards and witches just so he can get closer to their parents.

Studying at Hogwarts
His sorting had been in private, unlike the first years who had theirs in front of everyone, something he'd always be grateful of, especially when the teachers still fail to pronounce his last name properly. Despite being in a different house from many of his friends (especially his closest friends), he never cared enough about to stop seeing his Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor friends. Although Beauxbatons didn't have houses, so he always thought the idea was odd. He does bring the robes of his old school, only to show off to anyone who asks him about it.

Having started in a French school is why he has kept his studies to a schedule that he'll rarely break. The students there were too social although wanted to study hard too. Anyone who wanted friends would keep all their studying to after curfew with only one break in it. While the workload was less, the classes themselves were harder - putting students on the spot every class at random. No one wanted to be that "idiot" that didn't know what was going on then were called up to be tested. It's a study habit of his he couldn't break early in his Hogwarts years, and now something he really doesn't want to break as it still gives him top grades in all his subjects. It's not much to wonder why he can spend all day out with his friends, not a care in the world, while still being one of the smartest in his classes. Something the other Ravenclaws find unusual, as they study more hours than him.

He's mainly made friends with anyone he's spoken to, even if they're from a different house. Although he's had more admirers than friends - regularly going "study" with beautiful girls, even using his language to flirt with them. His flirtatious habits is one of the reason he is fond of the spell Orchideous, as it allows him to summon roses up whenever he needs it.

His best subject is Potions, possibly the only non-Slytherin to achieve among the highest marks in that class.
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Francis, Ravenclaw Charmer
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