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 Alfred F. Jones - Wind Wielder

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PostSubject: Alfred F. Jones - Wind Wielder   Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:13 pm

Character Name: Alfred F. Jones

X-Men / Brotherhood Code Name: Ventus, though this is just a name he made up for himself due to it “sounding cool”

Age: 16


Mutant Abilities: Air Manipulation. He can create quick jets of air that, when fast enough, have the ability to slice though things. Along with that, Alfred can make shields of wind for protection and glide and slide about using air currents. Flight isn’t something he can really control, as he tends to get caught up in the air currents and propel himself too much, causing many nasty crashes. He’s fine when close to the ground though and never goes any higher than three meters high.

He’s starting to get the hang of using the air to enhancing his fighting skills, using it to add an extra wallop to his punches. His favourite thing to do with the air is to create what are essentially air blades on his wrists, and use them to slash though people.

Using this ability has its drawbacks though. When used too much it starts to take a toll on his body, first with just little bruises and scratches, before it starts to get serious, with it going as far as breaking bones and huge gaping wounds. This is because his control is quite poor and he ends up hurting himself and loosing what little control he has after prolonged use. Not that it tends to stop him from using it much though.

X-Men or Brotherhood: Neither right now, he’s neutral.

Sexuality: 100% Gay~ Not that he really knows that. All he knows in his head is that he likes boys better than girls.

Personality: When you first meet Alfred he seems like any other regular 16 year old guy. He likes listening to loud music, dresses fashionably but not “well”, enjoys playing video games and has a certain dislike for authority figures. He’s full of smiles and laughter and can talk on and on for hours. Everything about him seems normal, friendly and nice. That is, until you do something to displease him.

Alfred has the mentality of someone much younger than himself, one of a child in fact. The music he likes to listen to is creepily happy, many sounding like broken and twisted nursery rhymes. Most of the songs that he sings are made up using the tunes of said childhood pieces. The clothes he wears have a tendency to be bright coloured and covered in cute, childish patterns, like bunnies and smiling flowers.
The video games he plays are all incredibly violent though, all including killing and copious amounts of blood and guts. He prefers games without weapons, finding ones with strange powers and fist fighting to be more his style.

As said before, Alfred has the mentality of a child, due to how he was treated by his family during his childhood. Because of this, he has become childishly cruel, often hurting and sometimes killing others without a single hint of remorse. In his mind it’s like everyone and everything are his play things, his toys that he can do what he wishes with. He’ll be kind as long as you stay on his good side, trying to pull you into many innocent games and such, but if you go against him, betray him or do something that displeases him, he won’t be afraid to “punish” you, lashing out at others as his parents once did.

Background: Alfred was born the first child in his family, with a younger brother, who would have been his twin, being born shortly after. Sadly, his younger brother died only two days after his birth, causing his parents much grief. So in turn, they spoilt Alfred, treating him as though he was the most precious thing in the world. He always got what he wanted and became very used to it. That was, until the day he discovered he was a mutant, when he was 6 years old.

He was sitting outside, flying a kite in the wind when it suddenly got swooped away in a strong air current. Alfred had started to cry, raising a hand up into the air and trying to make the wind bring back his kite by “pulling” at it. He’d seen it done on TV by super heroes so why wouldn’t it work in real life? To his happiness it worked, bringing the kite back safely into his hands. He ran over to his parents, who had seen the entire thing happen, confused when their faces paled instead of smiling like him. They quickly scooped him up and took him home.

From that day forward Alfred wasn’t allowed to leave the house, with his parents telling their neighbours and friends that this was because he was ill. No visitors were allowed to come either, his mother and father too ashamed of having a mutant for a son for anyone to know. Every time he tried to use his ability or did the slightest thing wrong they would lash out at him, fearing that if they didn’t raise him to become a “perfect” child that he might turn to the path of evil, using his powers to hurt others. They would have abandoned him or killed him but in truth, they still loved their son and could never part with them, their fear ruled hearts causing them to harm their son when all they wanted to do was love him.

This abuse and isolation caused him great mental trauma, with him mentally being unable to grow up, due to an adults mind being unable to handle this the ways a child’s could. He believed for a while that he deserved the punishment, that it was because he was bad and dangerous. When he turned thirteen though, he started to think that instead his parents were evil and that they were holding him captive. So when they came into his room one day he created two fast blades of air and sent them hurdling though the air, slicing them both straight though the middle. And he just smiled at that, giggling as he watched the blood pool at his feet. He then stepped out of the house and left his home town, gliding about shakily in the air until he figured out how to glide straight, letting the currents take him to his new home, New York City.

He’s lived there ever since, roaming the streets during the days and sleeping in the house of a kind old lady who took him in at night, having everything he needs supplied by her. She’s become the only person who can get away with displeasing Alfred and escape without a single scratch.
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Alfred F. Jones - Wind Wielder
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