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 The Gryfindor study nut

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PostSubject: The Gryfindor study nut   Wed Jun 01, 2011 12:34 pm

Character Name: Arthur Kirkland

Age: 16/ Fifth Year

Professor or Student: Student


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Blood: Full Blood

House: Gryfindor/ Seeker

Sexuality: Gay

Arthur is a shard working boy, and doesn’t like to be sloppy. Due to living in Australia being surrounded by those with a laid back and casual atmosphere has made him a bit of a perfectionist. Meaning that when he doesn’t get it right straight away he gets very frustrated , so he spends a great deal of time studying, or practising Quidditch which hasn’t done much for his ability to socialise.
Arthur has a matter of fact way of speaking and thrives in a rule based atmosphere, causing him to criticize his brother when at Hogwarts for his lax attitude to school uniforms and eating times.
He also has somewhat of a short temper, and has a weird way of interacting with people when he does. People who he actually considers friends he will generally insult and yell at when they irritate him (If the person is loud or touchy, he’s pleasant to the quieter student’s he’s friends with), however if he doesn’t like you, he will flat out ignore their very existence in an obvious manner.
His weakest subject is Potions, his strongest is Transfiguration.
He plans to help his father who works in Magical Creature Management, traveling around the world studying magical creatures and their effect on the wizarding and the muggle world.
His familiar is a female Scottish-Fold, Kneazle cross called Guinevere (Always referred to as Guinnie)

Arthur was born in England and was brought to Australia at an early age because his father had been assigned to studying Bunyip and Yowie populations in Australia, as he was a prominent research and well known for his contributions to the department of magical creature management.
After a few months there his brother Leon was born. While growing up together their parents found that Arthur preferred the indoors not at all caring for the Australian heat, where as his brother was very rarely inside other than to eat and occasionally sleep. The boys get along fine but their personalities tend to clash if they are cooped up together for long periods. Needless to say the family rarely went on camping trips after finding this out.
At 7 Arthur and his mother returned to England in preparation for Arthur’s letter of admission to Hogwarts. Without having his brother around Arthur was less likely to socialise, as his mother felt bad for taking him away from half his family and where he grew up she bought Guinnie as a gift for him.
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The Gryfindor study nut
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