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 Spanish Courtier Antonio Fernandez, son of Don Fernando Carriedo

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PostSubject: Spanish Courtier Antonio Fernandez, son of Don Fernando Carriedo   Mon May 30, 2011 1:05 am

Character Name: Antonio Fernandez

Age: 18

Appearance: spoiler for large image

Class (thief, lord/lady, royalty, merchant, prostitute, things like that): son of a high-ranking Spanish noble, sent as a young courtier to the prince.

Sexuality: bisexual, tends towards women in public because it's more acceptable.

Personality: cheerful and patient, though the patience is not endless. He is kind to almost everyone unless they give him a reason not to be - and his idea of a reason to be unkind is very different from most people's. He is as polite to servants as he is to lords and ladies, though he is more formal with kings and queens (and princes that he respects, so not Arthur). He does love to sleep and can be very lazy.

Background: Antonio was very well brought up, so he was made an addition to the Spanish prince's retinue quite young. The king took a personal interest in arranging Antonio's marriage. Antonio refused to marry the bride the king chose.

This led to a lot of arguments about the good of the nation and Antonio's rights to his own life. Antonio's father tried to be as respectful as possible in negotiating Antonio's freedom from the contract, but when the dust settled, Antonio was effectively banned from the Spanish court for the foreseeable future, and Don Fernando decided to take this opportunity to send his son abroad. Just in case. His holding, in particular his port city stronghold, had very good trade relations with England, so the English king was happy to host his son...for the price of some Spanish lessons, anyway.
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Spanish Courtier Antonio Fernandez, son of Don Fernando Carriedo
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