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 The Hunters' Exchange Project

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PostSubject: The Hunters' Exchange Project   The Hunters' Exchange Project I_icon_minitimeSat May 14, 2011 5:12 pm

Character Name: Francis Bonnefoy

Age: 26

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Species: Human

Sexuality: Pansexual

Personality: Francis is a Frenchman who is more concerned with having a good time than having to work for it. He flirts with almost anyone when he's bored, mainly because he does not enjoy spending his leisure time on his own. As a foreigner to this country, his language and "exotic" appearance makes it easy for him to catch a few women per day. Of course that means his English isn't that good as he hasn't been in the country for long. In fact he still can't say much without using many many many small and simple sentences. Despite that most of his issues with the language comes from speaking it, he enjoys having everyone underestimate him by thinking he doesn't understand them or the situation, and he plans to keep it that way.

He's picky when it comes to anything, especially clothing and food. Anything he has must be expensive - he refuses to take anything of lesser quaility. He would prefer to get everything from European brands (more so if it's from his homeland, France) but with his job he can only spend so much of it on expenses before things like bills and a lousy payment get in the way. When he does get things of a lesser quality he considers that to be "making due".

While not having any siblings of his own, he does have a big brother mentality. He likes to give his advice to others, and try to comfort them when they need him. However, since he is quite a spoilt person, it can get in the way of him truly being selfless with someone he's placed under his wing, so to speak. As much as he does help, there are times when it's better not to come to him for anything. He's also not afraid to do something or befriend someone just to get what he wants.

His job may intitially have him to fight a lot and even possibly kill, he isn't so fond of resorting to that. It was just something that pays well enough and gets him travelling every so often. Although the offensive side of the job doesn't appeal to him, he is quite good at finding vampires and werewolves, even as much as getting close to them on a personal level to find where their clans are. This is the main reason he cares enough to stay with this job.

Background: He grew up in France until he was of legal age there to be considered an adult. His parents were rich, so he was always used to getting everything he wanted. However, neither were the responsible type, and never giving any time to their children. Their idea of raising a child was to buy them hundreds of toys, paying someone else to feed them, and that was all they had to do. Not that he cared much, there was just less personal attachment once he got old enough to leave home.

Most of his childhood was in the boarding school he was sent to. He'd grown up with only having contact with males, gaining a sexual attraction to the same sex while in his high school years. A lot of the boys he had grown up with since kindergarten and so he thought of most of them as his brothers. He'd even gone as far as to name himself as their older brother, even being addressed as such. Although he had a younger brother at home, he had only seen him during summer vacation when they were both back home from boarding school - neither were close, and they didn't even consider themselves as family.

He was never ashamed of his sexuality, or minded being considered gay. There were enough gay students in the school to hit on and date, that he never thought it was strange. It was only by the time he had gone to university that he found out that homosexuals were in the minority, and the first time he ever experienced problems with it. He suffered some harassment the first few times he began flirting with a male. Although it wasn't that he doesn't have a sexual attraction to females - he was excited to find himself as the only male in his class - but now he only flirts with females in public, trying as much as he can to repress the urges to ask any attractive male out when he sees them.

He took a designer's course in university, completing his Masters over in the UK. It was where he first picked up English, so he does understand what is being said to him most of the time. However, since he never bothered to practice it when he returned home, his current speaking skills in the language is still far behind his understanding of the language. For as long as since he was 15, he has wanted to be a fashion designer. He was easily one of the most skilled designers in his class at university, and when he returned to France he had an internship within a few months. Yet, as soon as he got there, he quickly learnt that everyone in the business was out to make each other look bad, just so they themselves could seem better. Only one college had helped him during his year there - before that college had done something wrong then framed Francis for it, getting him fired.

During his job search he found an ad for the hunters in his home town wanting a new uniform, which he took the job up instantly and got it. While he was designing their uniform he found that due to their job they ruined their outfits easily. So he was asked to stay on to do costume repair. Eventually he ended up being curious with their work and started walking in during their training sessions, sometimes being invited to join them. He became a hunter when they realised that he had picked up enough from their training to actually be of aid to their cause, and since the job paid more than what he was getting paid before he took it.

He's left his country for work in this new town. It's meant to be for experience as him growing as a hunter, but also for him to help track down the vampire and werewolf clans while the city has lobbyists that keep attempting to protect them. Not to mention he's quite good at tracking the supernatural without having to attack them, since attacking and killing is just not his style - it ruins his outfit.
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The Hunters' Exchange Project
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