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 Arthur Kirkland: Myth

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PostSubject: Arthur Kirkland: Myth   Thu May 12, 2011 3:04 pm

Character Name: Arthur Kirkland

X-Men / Brotherhood Code Name: Myth

Age: 19

Arthur in his casual wear and his uniform.

Mutant Abilities: Reality Augmentation.
Though not always in control of his ability, Arthur can create beings usually of a mythical or animalistic origin. Depending on his concentration or emotional level can create perceived pain if ‘attacked’ by the aparitions.

X-Men or Brotherhood: X-Men (They got to him first)

Sexuality: Undefined as yet

Personality: He gives off a very tough, rude exterior and almost bitterly sarcastic. Arthur will never back down from a perceived fight and can be rather sadistic when he comes against someone who doesn’t flow with his set of morals. Like most young mutant he has trust issues and chooses to keep to himself, during these times he with create a small soft green winged rabbit-like creature to keep him company.

While more often than not talk in a central London accent, however when pushed his accent moves more into an Essex accent (See: Chav)
He’s easiest to approach in the morning as he isn’t a morning person and is unlikely to start a fight.

Background: Arthur came from a very caring and loving family. His powers started manifesting from child hood but were very weak and to the outside looked like nothing more than a boy playing with imaginary friends.

The only difference was his never went away, his parents passed it off as their son being overly imaginative.
Things however changed when a group of boys took exception to his starry-eyed behaviour and playing with things no one could see and started to harass him. Getting frightened by a group of older boys caused one such imaginary friend to become visible to all, terrifying the boys and everyone else on the playground. It was at this time Arthurs parents tried their best to discourage him from being with ‘those creatures’ and for a time he stopped letting on about them.

At 13 he snapped after being bullied by other kids for being strange and through his anger the creature appeared again, all the reports stated that something like a Gryphon appeared and attempted to maul one boy who despite screaming in pain had no physical injuries. After this his parents became too scared of him and he ran away from home. The boy went from place to place eventually settling with a group of ‘hoodies’ in Harrlow, Essex. They taught him how to steal and fight with a knife. The boys treated him like a trump car using his as they called them ‘boogiemen’ to scare of rival gangs or the police.

After only a year with the Harlow boys he was soon on his own again after managing to escape arrest for robbing a chemist. After that stories would be told about creatures from English fairy tales appearing across England and even in wales. Shortly after he turned 18 he was found by the X-men and brought –reluctantly- to the Xaiver School, where he was taught how to focus his abilities.
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Arthur Kirkland: Myth
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