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 Ant's Minute Mechanics

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PostSubject: Ant's Minute Mechanics   Fri May 06, 2011 8:12 pm

Character Name: Antonio "Ant" Fernandez Carriedo

Age: 25

Appearance: large images~

Sexuality: omnisexual

Personality: Happy and helpful, Ant loves to fix things for people - their watches, their clothes, their relationships! He doesn't see himself as meddlesome, but occasionally he comes off that way. If he notices something's broken or torn, he will beg to be of assistance to its owner.

Background: Ant comes from a wealthy family of minor nobility and his spinster aunt just left him her whole fortune. He has no need to work but loves to repair what's broken. He is especially gifted with clocks, watches, and small machinery (particularly those with time-pieces), but he also is a dab hand at sewing and clothing design, tailoring, and repair. Mostly these are skills he's picked up in his free time as a bored rich kid, though his mother was a little horrified to realize he helped the nanny repair the family's clothes (that nanny was sacked for letting her charge do her work for her, even though Ant said he'd begged to help).

He was always fascinated with his father's pocket watch, gleeful when he was allowed to wind it for his dad. It took him longer to learn the names of all the watch components than it did to figure out how to take apart and reassemble one. Tinkering was considered a suitably manly and useless occupation for the young aristocrat, so his father indulged him with books, tutors, and expensive tools. He hadn't expected his son would actually get a job in it, though...

He moved to the city to get away from an obsessed former suitor (am taking applications for said suitor, lol) who he has no desire to marry. On arriving, he opened a small store named Ant's Minute Mechanics: Repairs, Sales, and Trades. He would be happy to do business with you!
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Ant's Minute Mechanics
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