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 Head Boy Huffletoni

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PostSubject: Head Boy Huffletoni   Thu May 05, 2011 6:38 pm

Character Name: Antonio Fernandez (Carriedo)

Age: 17

Professor or Student: student

Appearance: spoiler for large images

Blood (Muggle-born, Pure-blood, Squib, Half-blood, you can also have veela blood or other such things): half-blood...his mother's family is old magic, but his father was just a blue collar worker she met by chance and fell in love with.

House: Hufflepuff, Head Boy

Sexuality: gay, but not likely to admit it or come to terms with it without prodding.

Personality: cheerful and friendly to a fault, Antonio will help anyone and do almost anything in the name of friendship. He's good at Charms and Transfiguration - magic that requires action, that has a bit more flash - but has trouble sitting still and reading, so things like Potions and Ancient Runes don't come naturally. His mother only this summer figured out he needed glasses because he kept getting headaches doing his summer homework, so he forgets them a lot and hates wearing them, even just to read (he thinks they make him look pretentious). His grades are better now that he has glasses, but only when he wears them.

There are some people who have managed to get under his skin, usually by insulting his family repeatedly. But if they apologized, he'd still be very quick to forgive.

As a prefect and now Head Boy, Antonio is a little oblivious, but very fair and rules-oriented. His dedication to making Hogwarts a fun place to be means that he does get lenient with pranksters, but only if the victim is not upset. His favorite part of the job is helping first years figure out their way around Hogwarts, especially teaching Muggle-Borns how to handle the Wizarding World. He realized how difficult it was for Muggle-Borns when he first became a prefect and suddenly got a lot of questions about this or that thing he's known how to do all his life. He ended up writing a pamphlet to explain the basics of the wizarding world to the first years, but it could stand to have at least fifty more pages of exposition...

Background: His father actually met his mother by stumbling on her when she was doing a spell to transfigure a stick into an umbrella. Caught without an easy explanation for her actions, Mireya prepared to Obliviate his memory, but he just asked so cheerfully and with such awe if that was real magic that she found herself explaining. After living her whole life being told Muggles accepted any lie that didn't involve fantasy, that they were stupid and mean-spirited and wanted to use magic to solve their problems, her first real conversation was a huge epiphany.

Despite his clear awe of her powers, Amato never asked her to perform for him or do any kind of chore with her magic. He would get this brilliantly pleased look when she did, though, so sometimes she used magic to flirt. She liked having someone know her secret who wasn't afraid or stupid. First they just hung out as friends, but she asked him on a proper's hard to resist someone who looks at you like you're a goddess. Within a year, they were married.

His maternal grandparents disapproved of the marriage and disinherited her and "the brat," as she was quickly pregnant with Antonio after the wedding. As a result, he and his siblings are not supposed to use his mother's maiden name, Carriedo. Antonio grew up poor but well-loved, inheriting his father's awe of magic and his mother's talent for it. His father was also strict Catholic, so Antonio has many younger siblings who he loves dearly (not all of them have magic, but some are showing signs), and he prays and reads his Bible like a good boy. It's his religion that makes him unwilling to accept his sexuality.

(The whole family generally pretends "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" doesn't exist).

Amato taught his children to love music like they loved magic; Antonio learned to play guitar from him. The thing he misses most when he's away from home is lazy, warm evenings where the whole family plays music together. Their instruments are the only material possessions they really spend a lot of money on and take very good care of.

Antonio spent his time in Hogwarts making friends and messing around. He is easygoing, making him hard to offend and easy to take advantage of. He always wants to help people, it's why he's studying to be a Healer like his mom, even though Potions is hard to stay interested in sometimes, and Herbology even more so. His friends help him keep his grades up, though!
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Head Boy Huffletoni
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