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 Number One Henchman Fernandez

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PostSubject: Number One Henchman Fernandez   Mon May 02, 2011 1:47 am

Character Name: Antonio "El Guitarrista" Fernandez

Age: 25


Position/Job (what do you do? i.e. assassin, crime boss, etc.): criminal underboss - as Lovi's lieutenant, he makes sure everything is working as it should, and that his boss isn't too stressed out.

Sexuality: gay, but he flirts constantly and publicly with women to hide it.

Personality: he may seem cheerful and friendly - and he is, most of the time - but make no mistake, if you cross him or just get in his way, he will end you with prejudice. And a garrote.

Background: He's known Lovi forever, and somewhere along the way being a protective brother figure turned into running the minutiae of an organized crime ring. But he has no real complaints about his job. Lovi made his gambling debts disappear, and he's happy to make all of Lovi's problems disappear, too. His nickname is from his favored weapon, the garrote he hand-made from a guitar string and scrap leather.
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Number One Henchman Fernandez
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