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 Patient Søren Andersen

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PostSubject: Patient Søren Andersen   Wed Apr 27, 2011 11:19 am

Character Name:
Søren Andersen



('scuse the axe)
Messy blond hair, pale skin, sunken blue eyes from lack of a proper sleep, white spiked teeth. Tall and has a muscular frame which is becoming more frail from a less wealthy and well off lifestyle and from an inadequate diet.

Staff or Patient:

If Patient, what is your derangement? Why are you here?
A distorted reality, becomes over protective of those close to him and controlling. Expects them to obey him and wants in on every detail of their lives. This influences his normal life and habits in a negative way but he pressures himself to be in control. Becomes manipulative,abusive and cruel, binge drinks to take the edge off.

Gay. He finds men more appealing in that they're a challenge for him to dominate and that he can be more rough.

Prior to his breakdown he was a bright, bubbly eager young man with a slightly vicious side, he began to grow more and more over protective, cold, cruel and abusive as he progress until he truly began to breakdown, often verbally and physically abusing people around him without being fully aware of what he was doing, drinking until he was blind drunk and waking up alone and wondering what could have happened. Being alone lead him to feeling abandoned and betrayed which would continue the cycle until finally it cost him his company, that he had finally worked his way to the top of. He's a natural fighter and very persistent, though recently he has been melancholy and more reserved and silent. Finding it difficult to talk or care about anything. Occasionally finds himself under the illusion that he could easily escape and violently rebels against any of the doctors or nurses put in charge of him.

Søren grew up in Denmark with his Mother, Father and younger Brother. Both his parents were workers and were rarely emotionally available for their children. Being a strong willed child, he took it upon himself to care for his younger brother, worrying for him and silently (sometimes) judging anyone who so much as talked to his Brother. As his Brother grew older he began to get frustrated with Søren's behaviour and began to rebel, Søren grew angry but had no way of following his Brother around when he needed to study and work, so he gave him some freedom. However, one night his Brother did not come home at his curfew (that had been greatly debated). Søren began to grow more and more anxious and frustrated as his parents proved no help. He put on his jacket and searched to no avail. Days turned to weeks with no leads until the dreaded day came, a local had found his Brother's body. He had been murdered by a questionable friend. Søren's frustration peaked and he decided he needed to get away from his parents and all of the reminders of his Brother and his failures. Finished with his studies he travelled away to become a partned in a business with a long time pen friend in the UK. The business proved to be succesfull with Søren's ability to make rash choices and follow through with his instincts. The power and freedom was good for him and he began to gather a small, tight knit group around him. Life, however, is a bitch. It became stressful and difficult to keep up, Søren moved to one of his old vices, drinking, and began to get more and more involved in the lives of his loved ones. As they began to pull away he began to think of his Brother and dread anything similar happening. This, coupled with drinking and stress, lead to his eventual violent outburst. Tracking down a paticularly fishy looking man who was hanging around a friend of his and beating him to death, causing a scene and abusing various onlookers he was dragged away to the elusive Asylum. Now he sits, curled in his blanket, rarely sleeping but constantly regretting his actions. Feeling as though his loved ones would be lost without him he wants to break free and find them before it's too late.
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Patient Søren Andersen
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