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 Application for France

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PostSubject: Application for France   Thu Mar 31, 2011 7:24 pm

Human name: Francis Bonnefoy

Country's name: France

Personality section: (at least a good solid paragraph--show us that you know your character.)
France was once a large nation but after Napoleon Bonaparte died, he lost the ability to be good in wars so turned his attension to bringing in tourists with his wine. He often makes obvious sexual comments when and if getting the opportunity. Male, female, any age, he'll have them all if he can. He cares about his brothers and sisters and will look out for them if in trouble. He enjoys spending the day wondering round art museums, fashion boutiques and going places that are chic. Always up to date with the latest style so as not to look as dreadful as England. One of the most amazing cooks you'll ever meet, he always just how you like it and introduces you to food you never knew you liked before.

Roleplay sample: (can be in 1st or 3rd person and at least 1 paragraph)
France checked his watch, she was late. He sighed and leaned against one of the pillars to the entrance of the art museum and debated about whether he'd been stood up or not. In the mix of the crowd infront of him he heard his name being called and stood up straight. Ah, she hadn't stood him up after all, he waved and gave a smile to the girl running up to him. 'I'm so sorry i'm late Francis but I got caught up with work and-'
'It's ok Belgium, you're here now aren't you? Don't worry about it' he took the hand of the country he considered his sister 'Lets head inside now oui?' She nodded and they headed into the art museum for a long day of fun.

Anything else?:
He's referenced his old age seven times, like how his waist is always creaking, his back hurts, and that he had to surrender to sleep early in the day. Though he gets upset when being called grandpa as opposed to a big brother, and claims he is still young.

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Application for France
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