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 Kiku Honda – Eccentric Inventor/Hermit

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Kiku Honda

Kiku Honda

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Kiku Honda – Eccentric Inventor/Hermit Empty
PostSubject: Kiku Honda – Eccentric Inventor/Hermit   Kiku Honda – Eccentric Inventor/Hermit I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 27, 2011 5:43 am

Character Name: Kiku “Gia” Honda

Age: 20

Appearance: Kiku is 5’5” with short, ink black hair and chocolate brown eyes. His skin is slightly pale, and he appears slender (though he does have muscle). But that’s about where the normalcy of his appearance ends. Wearing what appears to be a navy blue lab coat with a belt, one can easily mistake him for normal. Upon closer inspection, the belt is actually a series of flat pipes and other scrap pieces of metal, (what do you need…copper, iron? What?!) which he uses to fix or create things. He wears a necklace made of random spare gears and washers (never know when you’ll need one of those!) which either grows or shrinks in length depending on his ‘discoveries’ or inventions. Tools dangle precariously from his belt, or are hidden in the mysterious inside of his coat (it’s not a ninth dimension…and none of these babies are for sale!). His black pants are surprisingly normal, though the black, thigh-high lace boots are decorated with more gears and scrap pieces of metal in no real design. Bracelets, rings, armguards…anything else that can be fashioned out of scrap metal or spare parts are often additions to his rather bizarre ensemble, though he doesn’t much care what people say about it. He carries a large straight staff with him, which is actually a concealed katana passed down from his family. Because it doesn’t really fit in with his occupation, he modified it by hiding it in metal, though he still keeps it sharp (just in case).

Sexuality: Bi, though he’s not really aware of it. He’s also very much in love with his machines (though not in that way)!

Personality: Kiku is rather quiet around others, especially strangers. He dislikes large gatherings, preferring the solitude of his workroom or living quarters. However, this doesn’t bother him, as it seems that his eccentric quirks and appearance freak people out. He’s an honest person who simply has his own way of doing things, though it does make making friends difficult. He enjoys inventing things to make his or other peoples, lives easier, despite the fact that most people don’t want anything to do with him. He loves machines, preferring to tinker with them simply because they don’t seem to have all of the problems that people do. But beneath that is a patient man who will listen to anyone who comes to him with difficulty…so long as they aren’t interrupting his inventive process!

When concentrating on his inventions, he can become irritated when his concentration is broken or if things go wrong. He is obsessive compulsive about his inventions and his workroom, seemingly able to notice if even one gear is out of place. Despite being quiet and withdrawn, he is rather lonely and wishes people would see past his quirks to the person beneath. He desires to build a really great invention, though he himself doesn’t quite know what that will be. Eventually, he wants to travel, sharing his inventions with the world. Not much else is known about him…since most people rarely venture into his shop or ask him about himself.

Background: Always pegged as the ‘different yet brilliant child’, Kiku began his ‘career’ by building tiny model robots out of scrap metal to use as toys. His parents disapproved of his hobby, but Kiku managed to make a living off of his rather odd little wonders. When not in school or building, he spent his time diving through trash or searching abandoned buildings in order to find scrap metal or spare parts, in order to fuel his desire to build bigger and better inventions. His parents, being conservative and wishing a more stable career for their son, attempted to discourage him by pushing him into more traditional careers for young men. Unfortunately, Kiku would purposefully do things to be either fired or let go when put on the job, disliking anything but inventing or working with machines. As his parents tried harder, Kiku became more withdrawn.

As he fell more and more into his work, he began to feel a calling to move to a larger city, and so he found himself traveling to work in the factory. Although he doesn’t necessarily have a specific position in the establishment, he enjoys the random tinkering and inventing he does. No one really knows just what he does for the factory, but he assures them that he is a productive and useful member of society. He has earned himself the nickname ‘Gia’, for his love of gears and machines.

Some Japanese to know:
Gia - Gear


(Sorry this is kinda lame right now. I might elaborate more on the backstory/personality when I'm not so tired...but here it is for now!)
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Kiku Honda – Eccentric Inventor/Hermit
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