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 I'll dance for you~ ♪

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PostSubject: I'll dance for you~ ♪   Wed Feb 16, 2011 3:12 am

Character Name: Lovino Vargas

Age: 24

Appearance: (Spoiler for awkward)

What are you doing at this place? Customer or club employee and if so, what type of job do you have in the club?:
Employee; Stripper

Sexuality: Homosexual

Personality: While he tries to smile and be as polite as he can, Lovino is really usually grumpy. He has a paranoia about being stalked home from work so be makes sure to act as different and change his appearance at least a bit for his performances and tries to stay as far away from people as he can. He doesn't really try to interact with any of his co-workers unless necessary. He's sure no one in a place like that could be of any interest to him. He tries his hardest not to let his self-consciousness show through his performances.

Background: At first, Lovino wanted to become a bar tender like his brother. He wanted to work in the same place to watch over him. ( and he also wanted someone to walk home with after work..) He realized that bar tending was out of the question. His clumsiness and impatient nature would not work but he wanted to stay in the same building at least so finally he found the only job he could do. He also doesn't trust the type of people typically found in a place like this with his younger brother. (He can even check up on him from the stage!)
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I'll dance for you~ ♪
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