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 Lovino Vargas - Human ( For now~ )

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PostSubject: Lovino Vargas - Human ( For now~ )   Sat Feb 05, 2011 10:19 pm

Character Name: Lovino Vargas

Age: 21


Species: Human

Sexuality: Homosexual ( Though unbeknownst to him~ )

Personality: Lovino has always been the kind of person to keep to himself. (Though that doesn't stop people from trying to talk to him..) He gets flustered easily and prefers to stay away from people to avoid humiliation. He has the capacity to care for people.. but most people he's met have just learned to deal with his coldness. It takes a long time for him to warm up to people but it is possible.

Background: Lovino is from one of the less wealthy districts of the city. He works in a small Italian restaurant he and his brother inherited from their grandfather. He'd heard stories of monsters inhabiting the area all his life but he never paid them any mind. He was too stubborn to believe such a thing with no first hand experience.

(Not a whole lot to write so far)
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Lovino Vargas - Human ( For now~ )
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