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 Lovino Vargas/Romano - Application

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PostSubject: Lovino Vargas/Romano - Application    Sat Jan 29, 2011 8:31 am

Human name: Lovino Vargas

Country's name: Southern Italy

Personality section:

Lovino, is the kind of person that wants to be known as cold and uncaring in some ways on the outside, to mask the nagging responsibility inside. For the people he cares for, he cares deeply. (Though he'd never tell them straight out..) That being said, he will also refrain from speaking his mind. There is a thought that if someone cares, they'll understand him.. though this isn't always the case. Lovino tends to snap at people as a way of covering up his real feelings. There are times when he's actually just annoyed, but most fail to see the difference, resulting in a complete miscommunication. Another thing with Lovino, is that even if he were to try to express his feelings, he had the kind of luck that would make such a task difficult. He would usually get too embarrassed and just sit around and pout instead. ..

Roleplay sample:

It was late afternoon when Lovino awoke from his daily siesta and he was oddly happy, having slept in peace for a change. He moved swiftly to get up, his thoughts wandering, and walked to his (unfortunately) shared tomato garden. His whole day had been amazing, though not that he would reveal that if asked. Unless of course he ran into his brother, or his brother's idiot ally. Or Spain. Of course, it would only be natural to inform them of their wrong-doing in ruining Lovino's lovely day.

He laughed. He laughed at all the tomatoeshe would eat today and not the others. In fact he found the whole situation so amusing that he nearly choked in realization that when he made it to the garden. They were gone. No red, ripe, juicy flesh to bite into. Not even one.


Anything else?: ( I hope this is alright! )

MSN account:
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PostSubject: Re: Lovino Vargas/Romano - Application    Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:28 am

Heya Lovi! Ivan and I looked over your app and it looks good! Only other thing we want you to do is IM me when you get online so some of us can meet you on the forum's chatbox and do a mini roleplay with you just to see how you pilot Romano :3 See you there, hon!
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Lovino Vargas/Romano - Application
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