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 Yao, the peaceful doctor and apothecary

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Wang Yao

Wang Yao

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Yao, the peaceful doctor and apothecary Empty
PostSubject: Yao, the peaceful doctor and apothecary   Yao, the peaceful doctor and apothecary I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 27, 2011 1:17 am

Character Name: Wang Yao

Age: 27

Appearance: Yao, the peaceful doctor and apothecary 094_hetalia

Class (thieve, lord/lady, royalty, merchant, prostitute, things like that): Doctor/Apothecary

Sexuality: Bi-sexual (He believes that love comes in all forms)

Personality: A serious but kind individual with extreme devotion to his occupation and helping those in need of his help. He can come off as cold at certain times but is generally warm hearted. Yao is known to talk quite a bit with his customers and patients about everything, in an effort to learn about them, although as a doctor he can tell a few things about a person just by studying them for a few minutes.

Background: Yao was trained to be a doctor in traditional Chinese medicine as soon as he was old enough to be taught. He was a fast learner and had impressed his master, that he traveled the country with. After earning a good reputation and proving his skills again and again, his master would let him go treat other patients on his own. Each time, Yao would be successful in re-balancing the patient's body, though acupuncture, herbs, meditation, quigong exorcises, and various massages, and more praise came to both the master and apprentice. Unfortunately, one day, Yao's master died, after being shot with an arrow from a grief ridden husband angry at the master for not being able to save his wife and child after a difficult labor.

Yao mourned the loss of his master greatly, and to make matters worse was the shifting of powers in the country. One wrong move or one not carefully chosen word could mean losing your head. With no where he could call home or a good place to set up a shop, Yao traveled west in search of a new life. After traveling through many lands, settled in a kingdom that felt right to him. He opened an apothecary shop and sees whatever patients are willing to trust him and his methods of medicine. The only problem Yao has encountered, aside from people shorting him out on money and theft, is his speech. While he has managed to master most of the local language, but still speaks with a thick accent, which causes a lot of communication issues along with crude jokes at his expense. Often when in thought, trying to figure out a problem, or just wanting to feel comfortable, Yao will revert to speaking his native tongue.
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Yao, the peaceful doctor and apothecary
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