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 Feliks, Gypsy Outcast

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PostSubject: Feliks, Gypsy Outcast   Sun Jan 16, 2011 9:27 pm

Character Name: Feliks Lukasiewicz

Age: 20

Appearance: (pretty big image...)
In case it's not too clear in the image above, he carries a small dagger with a hilt shaped like the head and wings of a phoenix, and a pewter mug, both of which are attached to his belt.

Class: Gypsy/dancer/thief/prostitute on the side

Sexuality: Doesn't matter to him, but usually he seduces men because he knows they have more money.

Personality: Devious and effeminate, Feliks has fun messing with the heads of the kingdoms' finest noblemen. Having been born into a noble family (see background), he knows all the little quirks and intricacies of noble life... and how to exploit them. Around strangers, he tends to be coy and a little shy, but once he knows a person he's very friendly and open to them.

Background: Feliks was born heir to a nobleman who acted as regional lord overseeing a generous bit of farmland within the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. His stern but loving parents provided him with everything he wanted and life was good.... if a little boring. He was visiting the market one day with his mother and came upon a band of Roma gypsies. One was haggling with a vendor over the price of rye.... while , another, a child, busied himself sneaking beneath the vendor's table and cutting the man's purse-strings. Intrigued by the supposed openness of theft, he asked his mother about it. "Don't associate yourself with that filth," were his mother's only words on the subject, and Feliks wisely dropped it. But somehow, these strange nomadic peasants still interested him. He sought them out. Learned about them, and why they stole, why they travelled. Slowly he began to think that they had a better life, a life of adventure and danger and interest.... It all became very attractive compared to the boring pampered life he'd been leading so far. And so, the next time a band of Romani came to the market square, he joined them. For several years, he immensely enjoyed his life as a Romane with the couple who took him in as an adopted son. He saw the world, travelled many miles with the tribe he'd come to call his family. Slowly, however, the rules of this culture became as overbearing to Feliks as had his birth parents'. Feliks had grown rebellious in his teenage years, moreso than he'd ever been; He desired freedoms he couldn't have with the tribe. He had failed to be married off... What woman wanted a boy who dressed and danced like a girl? And he had seen something..... rather attractive in the noblemen he saw in the market. He learned this land belonged to King Kirkland; he rather liked it here, had fallen in with a few of the local thieves... And for the first time in awhile, he didn't really want to move anymore. After a length, he asked his adoptive parents for permission to leave, and reluctantly they let him go. Of late, Feliks has been living amongst the thieves on the outskirts of town, stealing from and "entertaining" the good people of Kirkland's kingdom.

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Feliks, Gypsy Outcast
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