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 Wang Yao, aru!

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Wang Yao


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PostSubject: Wang Yao, aru!   Sun Jan 16, 2011 2:41 am

Human name: Wang Yao

Country's name: People's Republic of China

Personality section: (at least a good solid paragraph--show us that you know your character.)

China is a primarily cheerful person who enjoys cooking, art, and cute things. Being one of the oldest countries, he wants respect from the other countries, especially from his younger sibling countries. He's been through his ups and downs through out his history, but remains himself despite the changes in world around him. He likes to have things go his way and be in charge, but overall does his best to see things through to the end no matter what.
After losing Taiwan and Hong Kong and having worked for him for a period of time, China has a lot of anger toward England, and he does is best to avoid too much contact with him. Aside from England, he has an even amount of respect he give his fellow countries and is very caring toward his younger siblings. Although he is fearful of his neighbor, Russia ,and his interest in him.

Roleplay sample: The day had been dark, gray, and rainy. The scene was so depressing to Wang Yao, that the only things he could think to do for this dismal day was cook some warm comforting food and clean. The day went by peacefully and the scent of all the spices and various ingredients floated in the air. For a while, Yao was able to forget about the rainy mess outside, until he was in the back of his house when he heard a lot of noise coming from his kitchen.

“What's going on, aru?!” China said, alarmed at the noises. “Is there some monster or spirit in my kitchen?”

Quickly, China took his broom, carrying it like a bat, and walked stealthily toward his kitchen. The scent of his freshly prepared food and the noise of the creature that had invaded his home came closer. The sound of clattering dinnerware reached his ears sharply. His heart pounded in his chest harder with every step he took. Yao stood by the kitchen doorway silently, his broom in front of him. I have to be strong! After taking a deep breath, Yao jumped out of the doorway to face the intruder.

“HHYYYYAAAAAAA!” Wang Yao yelled as he slammed the broom down on the head of the intruder who was sitting at his table. It was only after his action, that Yao realized with horror who he had hit. He should have noticed with the mass of silvery blonde hair, large build, and the long blue scarf that his target, was his neighbor Russia. Wang Yao jumped back from his guest in fright, as Ivan turned to him, giving a supposedly warm smile, but to Yao it was unnerving. From the pile of plates and bowls on the table, he could tell that the noise was only Ivan woofing down all of his delicious food. Yet, what could he do now?

“I-I'm sorry, Ivan. I did not know that was you, aru.” Yao tried to laugh it off, but it didn't help at all. “I'm glad you like my food enough to break an entering and I would love to stay and eat with you, but I must finish my cleaning. Perhaps I'll see you later, aru!” With that, Yao scurried out of the kitchen and back into the farthest corner of the house to escape Ivan's presence.

Anything else?: I like doing all sorts of role-plays, and I look forward to being here on the forums and getting to know everyone! Also thanks to Ivan for the rp prompt!! It was much appreciated, aru!

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PostSubject: Re: Wang Yao, aru!   Sun Jan 16, 2011 8:53 pm

-snorts- NOTE TO SELF. BRING A HELMET WHEN BREAKING IN TO YAO'S FRIDGE. You're totally accepted! <3
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PostSubject: Re: Wang Yao, aru!   Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:09 am

Congrads <3
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PostSubject: Re: Wang Yao, aru!   

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Wang Yao, aru!
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