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 So like, this is Poland and stuff.

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PostSubject: So like, this is Poland and stuff.   Fri Jan 14, 2011 7:33 am

^Aren't I like, totally sexy? >3>

Human name: Feliks Łukasiewicz

Country's name: Rzeczpospolita Polska (Republic of Poland)

Personality section: Poland has been through a lot. First, with Russia partitioning him all the freakin' time (would you just quit it already?) and then that bit with the holocaust (i totally don't look good in stripes, Germany, like nuh-uh.), one would think he'd be a depressed little phoenix. But, no. As he rises from the ashes, he shines brightly like a flaming.... I mean like a flame. Yes. A bright, proud, flamboyant flame. In his spare time he plays dress-up, tends to his ponies, paints his house pretty colours, and calls Lithuania just to bother him (hey! Liet totally likes my stories!). He loves his friends intensely, often to the point of near-annoyance, but when meeting new people he tends to be quite shy and a little introverted (hey! Sweden is scary, okay?!).

[[I like to make fun of him just as much as I like to be him. XD]]

Roleplay sample: Feliks grumbled. It wasn't like he'd meant to lose the card, so why the hell was Liet being all huffy about it? Besides. He was going to cling to the totally undeniable fact that that damn credit card had sprouted little legs and walked off on its own. It wanted to run away and be free in the land of missing things! So, this... Liet forcing Feliks against his will to..... he didn't even want to think about it, but there it was! He'd been forced to clean Liet's boring clothes as punishment. This was totally not cool! And totally not fair; he'd definitely declared Poland Rule at least five times, so why wasn't Liet listening to him? "This is all his stupid fault," he huffed to himself as he stuffed another load into the dryer (at least they had a washer and dryer; if this was 1315 again he would have been all up in Liet's face about this. Hand-washing? Nuh-uh.), accidentally-on-purpose knocking over the bottle of detergent. Feliks glared at it, as though urging it to come uncapped, and in his line of sight he spotted.... revenge. He grinned.

An hour later when Liet came back in to check on him, he screamed. "Whaat?" Feliks drawled, pouting. Liet had totally earned this, and Feliks' modifications to his clothes would look totally cute! So, what was he screaming for? To be safe, he hid the scissors he'd used. "I was like, fixing your clothes," he said in the best semblance of dejection he could muster. Scraps of fabric lay all over the floor of the laundry room, 'finished' articles folded very neatly to Feliks' right and unmodified ones to his left, in a slowly-dwindling heap of bland (but clean and dry) cloth. "Ooh, do me a favor and try on this skirt I made for you~" he grinned, holding up what had once been a pair of trousers but had been transformed into what was decidedly a very cute miniskirt. "Hey, why are you so red in the face, Liet, your wardrobe totally needed a makeover~!" Feliks giggled and ran for it before Liet could smack him upside the head.

[[Was this more to your liking? I wasn't sure how to end it really, but I had lots of fun writing your prompt, Ivan~]]

Anything else?: Uhhh.... I tend to love angsty stuff, but I love fluff and comedy and yaoi and all that funtimes~ Very Happy Also, I like to use foreign words in my posts, but I usually translate unless it's obvious. (see what i did there? Very Happy)

MSN account:

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PostSubject: Re: So like, this is Poland and stuff.   Sat Jan 15, 2011 12:21 am

<3 Love it.
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PostSubject: Re: So like, this is Poland and stuff.   Sat Jan 15, 2011 2:47 am

Vash Zwingli wrote:
<3 Love it.

Very Happy <333 Glad you do~~
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PostSubject: Re: So like, this is Poland and stuff.   Sat Jan 15, 2011 11:38 pm

Very interesting.
I like the way you write.
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PostSubject: Re: So like, this is Poland and stuff.   Sat Jan 15, 2011 11:40 pm

Thank you, Liet~
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PostSubject: Re: So like, this is Poland and stuff.   

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So like, this is Poland and stuff.
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